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This Chrismas season, we celebrate humankind's transformation's

'From Earth's vast divergence and wealth

For our joys for living, pure beauty, and good health'.

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Ming Dynasty Kraak Porcelain 'Crowcup'

China, Wanli, c1600-1615

Thinly potted, having rounded sides and lobed and barded rim,
the sides lightly moulded with eight wide panels painted in blue

with two dragonflies (or beetles) and a grasshopper amongst flowers,
alternating with panels of chrysanthemum and leaves,
separated by eight narrow painted with tied ribbons;
the interior base with a bird on a rock
3in. High / 5.5in. Diameter




Ming Dynasty Large Porcelain Kraak Klapmuts Bowl

Wanli, Rinaldi Group V, c1600-20

Well painted good strong warm blue colors
the deep round dish with a flattened lightly barbed rim,
the central roundel with a grasshopper on a rock between flora and below cloud scrolls,
the cavetto and rim divided into four wide and four narrow segments :
two wide segments with "Toatie" masks,
the rim verso having two small flowers with tendrils and long leaves;
surrounding ovals, two jewel-filled and two with peaches,
and four narrow panels of stylized "lingzhi"
8.5" Wide x 2.75" Deep




Rare Ming Dynasty Kraak Porcelain Charger

Wanli, 1610-30

Rinaldi, Border VII.2, painted in soft blues,
centering with two long-tailed phoenix, symbol of the Empress of China,
within a complex diapered border,
the rim with large rounded panels of sunflowers and precious objects
"The phoenix, symbol of the Empress of China, is rarely depicted on Kraak porcelain."
(Rinaldi, 'Kraak Porcelain', p 104)
12.5" Diameter / 2.25" High




17th Century Frechen Stoneware Bartmannkruge ('Bellarmine Jug')
Germany, c1625-75
The Silver Mounts, John Wilmin Figg, London, 1865 

The globular body covered in a 'vermiculated' light-brown salt glaze,
moulded with a central coat of arms or guild medallion,
the neck with grotesque bearded mask,
the mouth and neck interior and exterior engraved silver mounts
extending over the handle, the foot also silver-mounted, the silver fully covering the base;
9.75" x 5" Body Width




17th Century Copper Alloy 'Capstan' Candlestick,

Spain or Portugal

The long spool nozzle with a round extracting hole to either side,
over a waisted short stem and drip pan with upturned rim,
the plinth turned separately and with flaring foot
5" High / The Base, 4.5" Wide / 13.1 oz

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Pair Brass &Sheet Brass Column Culstered Candlesticks,

Netherlands, c1675

Showing Huguenot influence and cluster column design,
each having a square decorated socket over a medially-knopped fluted stem,
the drip-tray embossed with baskets of flowers and corner tulips,
over a cast square base also embossed with corner tulips centering dolphins and scrolls;
raised on four shaped feet, constructed in 3 parts
7 .75" High / 41.10 oz.



Kangxi Large Porcelain Lobed & Scalloped 'Hunt' Plate, China, c1680-1700,  apocryphal Chenghua (Ming Dynasty 1465-87) six character mark 


Kangxi Porcelain Large Scalloped 'Hunt' Plate,

'Chenghua Mark' Verso

China, c1680-1700

The large thinly potted lobed dish with scalloped rim,

very well painted in a bright blue with a Mongolian hunting scene

depicting two hunters on horseback hunting two hares within a mountainous landscape,

within a border of stylized scrolling lotus, alternating with eight Buddhist symbols

10.5" Wide



Fine Kangxi Fluted & Scalloped Blue & White Plate, Fretted Sqare Verso, China, c1700


Fine Kangxi Fluted & Scalloped Blue & White Plate

China, c1700

The finely potted and fluted body with scalloped rim.
painted with peony sprays within
an outer- and roundel- border of cloud scrolls,
the verso centering a fretted square within concentric circles
bordered by three prunus branches in bloom
9.5" Diameter




Rare William III / Queen Anne Heavy Baluster Goblet
England, c1700-1710 
The deep round funnel-shaped bowl having a solid base with lower teared extrusion
above a thick inverted baluster stem with elongated tear,
raised on a domed folded foot
Ref : A quite similar glass is illustrated in "Investing in Georgian Glass", Ward Lloyd, p.38,
differing only in the shape of the internal baluster tear
7" High / The Bowl & Foot Each 3.5" Wide / 17 oz



George I Two-Teared Heavy Baluster Wine Glass, c1720


George I Two-Teared Heavy Baluster Wine Glass

England, c1720

The bell bowl having a solid base with single tear
above a stem with upper annulated knop over an inverted baluster
with a further tear, and a basal knop,
the foot, domed and folded
6.5" High, The Rim 3" Wide, The Foot 3" Wide / 8.1oz.

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Rare George I Glass Taperstick
England, c1720
The heavy walled bowl over a 'tapering baluster' stem,
applied terraced folded foot and rough pontil
the foot verso with an old collector's pen inscribed label
4.25" High / The Foot, 2" Diameter / 2.2 oz.




George I / II Baluster Cordial or Gin Glass
England, c1720-30, 5.5" High
A rare small baluster cordial or gin glass with good grey color,
the bell bowl with solid base above a solid stem
headed by a 3-ringed annular knop over a central ball knop and flattened basal knop,
raised on a round and folded foot;

these small glasses are "uncommon"

5.25" High / 2.5" Wide, The Foot / 4 oz.
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George II Tall Baluster 'Kit-Cat' TypeWine Glass
England, c1730
The drawn trumpet bowl raised on a tapering stem
with a basal inverted teared baluster
above a conical folded foot with snapped pontil
Glasses of this type,with plain stem and central or lower baluster -
are often referred to as 'Kit-Cat' glasses,
referencing glasses depicted in fellow member Sir Godfrey Kneller's c1721
painting of two members of the London dining club, the Kit-Cat Club,
6 5/8" High / 3 1/8" Diameter, The Foot / 3" Diameter, The Rim / 5.2 oz

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George II Cruciform Glass Decanter (Carafe)

England, c1730

The thick moulded body with having subtle cruciform shape and rounded shoulders,
below a long drawn neck with flaring mouth and applied engrailed rings,

high kick to the base

9.5" High / 4-1/8" Wide at Base / 23.2 oz.

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Rare George II Irish Cordial Glass with Elongated Tear & Folded Foot

c1745 (The first dated Irish glass is said to be c1715)

Quite heavy soft grey glass, the drawn ogee bowl

with elongated tear to the plain stem
and ending in the basal knop
raised over a folded conical foot with snapped pontil

6" High / The Bowl 2" Wide



George II Jacobite Drawn Trumpet Wine Glass


George II Jacobite Drawn Trumpet Wine Glass

England, c1750

A delicate and elegant drawn trumpet bowl
engraved with six-petalled rose with convex centers,
sided by an opening bud to one side, and an unopened bud to the other,
above an elongated plain stem raised on a conical foot with snapped pontil
6.5" High
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George II Engraved Pan-Topped 'Mercury Twist' Wine Glass


George II Engraved Pan-Topped 'Mercury Twist' Wine Glass
England, c1750 

The pan-topped bowl having an engraved floral border to the rim,
each side with a 4- and 6-petalled flowers and fern-like foliage (possibly a Scottish rose),
the straight stem with a single series air twist and a pair of corkscrews or "mercury twists",
slightly domed conical foot, snapped pontil
6.25" High

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George II Opaque Twist Glass Sweetmeat Dish, Oversewn Foot


George II Opaque Twist Glass Sweetmeat Dish, Oversewn Foot,
England, c1750 
The shallow round ogee bowl with a dentelated rim
above a short knopped multiple series opaque twist stem
raised on an oversewn conical foot with snapped pontil
3.25" High, The Rim 3.5" Wide / Weight : 7.2 oz.

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Pair of Chelsea White Leaf & Basket-Moulded Stands


Pair of Chelsea White Leaf & Basket-Moulded Stands
England, c1752-54
The white-glazed oval lobed Chelsea stands,
each with a plain center surrounded by basket-moulding,
the ends with deeply moulded grape stems
and overlapping serrated leaves sided by crabstock handles
Each, 11" Diameter

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 Pair of Large Bow Porcelain Platters


Pair of Large Bow Porcelain Platters
England, c1755
Painted with blue, pink, bright green and yellow enamels,
centering a Chinese fashioned large pale cobalt blue hollow rock sided by stylized bambo,
a blooming lotus and peony,
each side of the wide flat rims centering a large bright green lotus leaf
and lotus blossoms, alternating with smaller peony flowerheads
Each 16.5" Wide / 10.5" Deep / 1/5" High

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Rare Chelsea Porcelain Red Anchor Moulded Polychrome Bowl, London, c1760 


Chelsea Red Anchor Polychrome Large Moulded Bowl

England, c1755

Of spirally lobed form, the base with further spiral moulding
and painted in green and puce with a band of upright leaves,
floral sprays to the interiod;
red anchor mark verso
7.25" Diameter

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Bow Porcelain 'Golfer & Caddy Pattern Plate

England, 1756-60

Painted in blue and white on soft paste porcelain

depicting a Chinese figure holding a sceptre attended by a young boy carrying scroll

within a meticulously painted rock and pine tree landscape,
within a "waved" outer border (usually seen on Meissen harbour scenes);
painter's numeral 6 verso

8.5" Diameter

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First Period Worcester Hexagonal Polychrome Teapot Stand

in the Scarce 'Chinese Musicians' Pattern

England, c1758-60

Of shaped hexagonal form, painted in bright polychrome enamels, heightened with gilt,
likely modeled after a Chinese original, the border a Worcester addition,
depicting three Chinese ladies, the central figure playing a flute
attended by two figures holding fans, and a young boy holding a ruyi scepter
5.75" Diameter

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Derby Soft Paste Porcelain Wine Taster

England, c1765

A small shallow circular bowl with vertical gadrooning to the body exterior,
the interior painted in blue and white with a large flowerhead
within dentil and cell diaper borders, applied with a moulded leaf handle
2.5" Wide, The Bowl / 3.5" Over Leaf Handle / 1" Deep



Pair of George III Facet-Cut Glass Candlesticks, c1770


Pair of George III Facet-Cut Glass Candlesticks

England, c1770

Of fine quality, flat-cutting and weight,
the faceted sconces with dentelated drip rims over faceted nozzles over an annulated knop,
the diamond-faceted stems raised high domed feet with flat scalloped rims,
rough pontil scar to each verso
10.5" High, The Foot, 6" Wide / 52.4 oz Total Weight (4 lbs. 4.4 oz.)

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George III Small Glass Tazza

England, Mid-Late 18th Century

The tazza ("salver on stand") with circular tray having a wide 1/4" stepped rim,
raised on an 8-sided Silesian ("Pedestal") with an elongated tear,
having two basal collars; the domed foot with 1/2" fold;

6" Wide, 4" High, the Foot 4" Wide / 15.2 oz.

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George III Large Glass Tazza

England, Mid-18th Century, 12 Inches Wide 
The tazza ("salver on stand") with circular tray having a wide 1/2" high rim,
raised on an 8-sided Silesian (Pedestal) stem with twist,
a tear within, and having two basal collars;
the domed foot with 1/2" fold; snapped pontil
12" Diameter / 6.75" High / Foot 6.75" The Wide

41.9 oz.
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Rare George III Large Glass Tazza, 13.75"

England, Mid-18th Century

The tazza (footed salver) of quite large size and heavy weight
the circular tray with 1/2" rim,raised on an
8-sided Silesian (Pedestal) stem having diamond points,
a large tear and three basal collars,
the domed foot with a wide 3/8" fold; snapped pontil

13.75" Wide / 54.6 oz.

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Rare Isleworth Porcelain Powder Blue Fluted Dessert Plate, c1770


Rare Isleworth Porcelain Powder Blue Fluted Dessert Plate
England, c1770

Recent studies have shown that some few powder blue dishes are not Bow, as once believed,
but from Isleworth, Middlesex, whose porcelain has now begun to be properly attributed.
The porcelain is of bone-ash, similar to Bow, and patterns are similar to Bow and Worcester -
the founders of Isleworth having both worked previously with Worcester.
The decoration varies slightly, as to the psuedo Chinese character marks verso


7.75" Diameter
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Two Dark Green Glass Sealed Cylinder Wine Bottles
England, c1800 & c1820, Cornwall Interest

With Seals for The Trelaske Family, Lewannick, Cornwall (above & below left), c1800, 10.75" Higm

and The Edgcumbe Family, Cornwall (above & below right), c1820, 11.5" High




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Rare William & Mary Figured Walnut Fold-Over Writing Table

England, 1690

The rectangular figured walnut book-matched and banded hinged top
opening to a highly figured walnut banded writing surface,
the case having two end drawers,
the 6 six turned ring and baluster legs on bun feet, two being hinged gatelegs
28.5" High x 32.25" Long x 11.5" Deep / 23" Deep Open




Queen Anne Walnut & Strapwork Marquetry Side Chair
England, c1710-15
Retaining excellent color & original surfaces,
the cyma-curved vasiform splat centering a cartouche of holly and boxwood
strapwork marquetry, either decorative or heraldic,
(apparently with a dove, a wheat sheath in mouth, on a garb)
40" High x 21" Wide x 19" Deep




George I Walnut Oyster-Veneered Bureau

England, c1720-30

With rich color and patination,
the interior with stepped fittings including a marquetry stair-step drawer

and a small writing surface to the fall front
43" High x 39" Wide

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Early George III Mahogany Caddy Top Chest of Drawers, Original Rocaille Brasses, c1760 


Early George III Mahogany Chest of Drawers

England, c1760

Of fine heavy timber and with stylish 'caddy top',

retaining original surfaces & rocaille brasses,

the brasses a perfect contrast for the trim design of the case

37" Wide x 36" x Wide 22" Deep

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Early George III Carved Oval Giltwood Mirror, c1760 England


Early George III Carved Oval Giltwood Mirror


The oval mirror plate apparently original, as well as backboards,

(rather rare on this form of mirror due to their relative fragility)
within a pierced rocaille carved frame, the sides,
crest and base each carved with open c-scrolls
the crest and base each with pierced asymmetrical acanthus leaves
47" High x 30" Wide

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Unusual George III Mahogany & Marquetry Octagonal Tripod Table

England, c1770

The octagonal tilt top having radiating veneered bands of mahogany
alternating with sycamore, centering a single sycamore flowerhead,
raised on a turned tapering shaft with lower wythern turned knop,
the cabriole legs ending in pad feet; beautiful color

27" High / 30.5" Wide

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George III Mahogany Framed Library Open Armchair
England, c1770
Raised on well carved blind fretwork legs with openwork returns;
having excellent color and patina

36.5" High / 25.25" Wide Over Handholds / 26" Deep / Seat Height 17.75"



George III Diminutive Cuban Mahogany Dressing Chest. England, c1780


George III Diminutive Cuban Mahogany Dressing Chest

England, c1780

Of heavy dense welll figured timbers,

the compact size with good color and patination,
the trop drawer fitted with a baize inset slide retracting to reveal
a ratcheting dressing mirror and divided compartments :

   above a long drawer sided by lopers and two further graduated drawers;
raised on bracket feet

31.6" High x 36.4" Wide x 22.3" Deep

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George III Diminutive Cuban Mahogany Dressing Chest. England, c1780


(Open with mirror and compartments showing)


Regency Cuban Mahogany & Brass Adjustable Reading or Music Stand, England, c1815


Regency Cuban Mahogany & Brass Adjustable Reading or Music Stand
England, c1815
With wonderful rich color and patination to the fine timbers,
the ratcheting easel top having a rest, two swiveling brass page clips, and revolving brass candlestand,
raised on an adjustable brass column above a baluster standard
and double C-scroll tripod legs ending in upturned scrolled toes and ball feet
Height: 37" High x 14.2" Wide x 10.25" Deep




Very Good Late Victorian / Edward VII Gilt Steel & Ceramic-Clad Stick Stand

England, c1890-1910

The gilt steel demi-lune dividers supported by three long uprights
surmounted by brass and steel screw-on urn-form finials,
over a demi-lune black-painted deep ceramic-covered iron base

(The use of 'gilt steel' rather than brass on British campaign furniture

found favor in late 19th century, due to its lighter weight).
24.5" High x 17" Wide x 9.5" Deep



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Eugenio Lucas Y Padilla
Spain, 1824-1870
Two Miniature Cathedral Interior Paintings

Each oil on Copper
A follower of both Diego Velazquez and Francisco Goya,

Lucas Y Padilla's work, due to its quality and subject matter,

has often been mis-attributed to the masters, particularly to Goya.
His work resides in many museum collections,

including the Museum or Modern Arts and Metropolitan Museum in New York,
British Museum, London, and the Museo Romantico in Madrid.
His auction record is to 6 figures, with many being quite small,

as this remarkably executed pair.
Image Size : 6" x 4.25" and 5" x 3.75" (not yet framed)
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A Catalog of Small Silver Drinking Cups from c1690-1774


"IN THE COMPANY OF "SMALL CUPS", A Catalog of Small Silver Drinking Cups from c1690-1774




Elizabeth I / James I Silver Bodkin

Unmarked, England, c1600-1620

The tapering stem with an elongated hole for ribbons,
as well as a small round hole for threads at the wider end,
the top half also having rudimentary scratched engraving to each side;
remains of initials "M C" to the center of one side

5.4" Long / 0.4 oz




Charles II Silver Wine Taster
Prick-Engraved "1661" & "H over I.A" 

The shallow circular bowl chased with tulip floral and leaf decoration,
the sides with leaves and the center showing the upright bloom sided by leaves.
the sides with clipped twist handles
4.5" wide / 1.52 oz.





Rare Charles II Silver Lace Front & Back Child's Trefid Spoon, Edward Hulse, London, c 1680 


Rare Charles II Silver Child's Lace-Font & Back Trefid Spoon

Edward Hulse,London, c1680

The reverse of the bowl with foliate scroll decoration,
the terminal front also with scroll decoration,
later crested for the family of Ridge, Tyning House, Sussex;
the stem later inscribed :
7" Long / .7 oz.


Rare Charles II Silver Lace Front & Back Child's Trefid Spoon, Edward Hulse, London, c 1680 





Charles II Silver Child's Trefid Spoon

Steven Venables Junior, London, 1684

Of good gauge silver for the period,
the oval bowl with a raised rat-tail joined to flat shaft and trefid terminal,
the terminal reverse with scratch initials 'F*N'
5-5/8" Long /.7 oz.
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Silver-Mounted & Crested Leather Black-Jack
England, Last Quarter 17th Century
With stitched side loop handle,
the upper rim and base having engraved lappet-bordered silver mounts,
the silver mounts unmarked;
the applied crest, a knight's helm with garb (wheatsheaf)
6-5/8" High / 7.5" Over Handle / 12.3 oz.




James II / William & Mary Small Silver 'Tumbler Cup'
Roger Strickland, London, c1690
A small cup of deep round form,
having a matted ('sharkskin') surface below a plain and reeded rim;
maker's mark struck thrice
1-1/8" High / 1-7/8" Wide / 0.6oz.




Rare Queen Anne Silver Child's 'Mug'
Matthew Cooper, London, 1705-6
Possibly a child's or christening mug,
the body centering a vacant cartouche within fish scale and scroll chasing,
sided by a gadrooned upper girdle between engraved vertical leaflets,
a lower band of chased upright lobes and flutes
between further engraved leaflets and trellis diapering
3.5" High / 2.5" Diameter (Top), 2.75" (Base) / 3.76ozs

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Rare George II Britannia Standard Marrow Spoon, Andrew Archer 1718


Rare George I Britannia Standard Marrow Spoon,

Andrew Archer, London,1718

Of heavy gauge silver, the ovoid bowl with rattail attachment to a long narrow scoop;
excellent marks to the verso (Grimwade, #84); the scoop end with remains of a crest :
a griffin's head erased, in mouth a branch

9" Long / 2 oz.

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George I Silver 'Tumbler Cup'
James Goodwin, London, 1723
Of heavy gauge silver,
the small cup of deep circular form,
having a rolled and gilt rim with gilt interior;
with very good marks
1.5" High / 2" Wide / 1.4 oz.

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Scarce George I Silver 'Tot Cup'
London, 1724, Maker's Mark Partially Struck
The small ogee bowl of good gauge silver,
raised a circular cyma recta foot,
the lower body scratch initialled 'AP 1723'
2" High / 1.75" Wide / 1.1oz.




Scarce Early George II Silver "Tot Cup"
Thomas Parr II, London, 1730
The small silver tot cup with flaring folded rim and cast spreading foot;
marked verso; without engravings or erasures
1-7/8" High / 2" Wide / 1.2 oz.

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Early George II Silver 'Tumbler Cup'
William Allen I (likely), London, 1731
Raised from a single sheet and weighted at the base,
planishing marks to the exterior and interior;
marked verso with clear date mark (Q), London mark, and lion passant (rubbed),
the maker's mark rubbed, appears
WA, Grimwade #2998, reg.22.8.1728, for William Allen
1.75" High / 2.5" Diameter / 1.7 oz



Early George II Silver Tot Cup, William Paradise, London, 1732 


Scarce Early George II Silver Tot Cup

William Paradise, London, 1732

The small silver tot cup with flaring folded rim and cast spreading foot
the verso with contemporary scratch-engraved initials C over W.M;
marks verso : maker's mark (Grimwade #3250), date mark R, and lion passan
2.5" High, 2-3/8" Diameter (Rim) / 2.2 oz.
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Scarce George II One-Piece Silver Apple Corer
England, c1740-50
The pre-1750s one-piece form of good gauge silver and usual cylindrical form,
the blade of conforming half-circular shape,
the central girdle and bulbous end with incised concentric lines;
marked to the junction between corer and haft with T (device) H beneath a crown



Rare George II Silver Saucer-Form Wine Taster, Joseph Sanders, London 1738 


Rare George II Silver Saucer-Form Domed Wine Taster
Joseph Sanders, London, 1738
In the "Bordeaux" circular saucer form,
having a flared rim and high domed central section, the dome rising above the sides;
fully marked to the outer side;
this form considered by some to be the "only true early English silver wine taster".
4" Diameter / 3.2 oz.



George II Irish Silver Embossed Helmet Cream Jug, c1750


George II Irish Silver Embossed Helmet Cream Jug, c1750

Marks Beneath Handle Rubbed

Of heavy gauge silver with shaped rim over a body chased in the Rococo taste :
the upper section with long-necked birds among scrolls and flowers,
and lower section with scrolling leaves and shells,
the legs headed by lion masks and ending in paw feet
4.5" High / 5 oz.

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George II Armorial Silver Waiter

William Peaston,1752

Marital Arms of Robert Ramsden, Osberton, Nottinghamshire,

& Elizabeth Smythe, Heath Hall Yorkshire

Of quite heavy gauge silver, the plain field within a shaped gadrooned border,
raised on three hoof feet centering the contemporary marital arms

6.5” Diameter / 8.4 oz.

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George II Provincial Silver Tankard
John Langlands I, Newcastle, c1752
Of heavy gauge silver, in the earlier George I broader form,
the scroll handle with typical Newcastle "tongue" and terminating in a large heart;
the front engraved with conjoined script initials 'H M B' below a crest:
a fleur-de-lis with serpent entwined, Fairbairn's 148.8;
6.5" High, 7.5" Over Handle / 18.9 oz.




Straight Set of 12 George III Silver Hanoverian Tablespoons
Isaac Callard, London, 1757
Of heavy gauge silver withsingle drop heel
Each engraved en suite with the crest of a wolf (or fox) sejant ppr.
8.25" Long / 31.2 oz.





Fine George II Rococo Pierced Silver Basket

Henry Bailey, London, 1759

Of heavy gauge silver in excellent condition and with good marks,
the oval shaped basket pierced with alternating side panels of geometric floral

and foliate trellis diapering centering
The Marital Arms of Leche and Jones
& The Motto : Spes non fracta (My hope is not broken) (for Leche)

bordered by chased vertical rows of husks,
raised on a rocaille openwork apron above and shell form feet;
an inscribed silver plaque verso :
New York Racing Association, The Mother Goose, AQUEDUCT 1966
13-7/8" Wide / 38.6 oz.



Early George III Cast Rococo Silver Taperstick, Hex Foil Base, William Gould, London, 1760 


Early George III Cast Rococo Silver Taperstick

William Gould, 'Hex Foil' Shell Base, London, 1760

Of heavy gauge silver,
the spool form nozzle with removable "hex foil" shell bobeche,
over a standard with shell and threaded knops,
resting on a "hex foil" shell base;
fully marked to the verso
5.25" High / 5.7 oz

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Early George III Quart Silver Tankard, William Grundy, London, 1761 


Early George III Silver Fluted Quart Tankard

William Grundy, London, 1761

Of heavy gauge silver,
the large straight tapering quart tankard with two bands of shallow flutes
alternating with two bands of punched crosslets and quatrefoils,
centering an asymmetrical rococo cartouche with contemporary conjoined initials FSG,
S-scroll handle tongued capped; spreading foot;

the marks struck above the rim decoration

6.25" High / 4" Wide at Rim / 5" Wide at Base / 20.6 oz.


Early George III Quart Silver Tankard, William Grundy, London, 1761 





Early George III Hanoverian Silver Hash Spoon
Joseph Bell II, London, 1762
Of heavy gauge silver in the Hanoverian pattern with upturned tip and single drop heel
over a deep ovoid bowl, the terminal scratch engraved to the verso ''AM to CM'' ;
particularly crisp marks
14" Long, The Bowl, 4.5" Long x 2.5" Wide / 5.92 oz.

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Louis XV Provincial Silver Wine Taster
Jean-Francois Jouet, 1765-66, Bordeaux, France 
The form characteristic of the province of Bordeaux,
having a shallow round circular bowl with tapering sides
and a high domed center rising above the rim, raised on a 'collet foot'
4" Diameter / 2.25 oz




Royal Interest :

Early George III Silver Second Course Plate

Parker and Wakelin, London, 1766

The shaped circular second course plate with applied gadroon border,
engraved to the top

with Royal Coronet & Order of Garter encircling the Royal Arms

sided by GR (George Rex)



11" Diameter / 20 oz.




Early George III Silver Adjustable Dish Cross

John Langford II & John Sebille, London, 1766

An early example, each arm with rectangular trellis sliders
surmounted by pierced shell form dish supports
on spurred c-scroll legs ending in pierced foliate feet,
the deep burner with removable French gadrooned li;
marked to each piece
11.25" Long, 3.25" Overall Height / 15.9 oz.

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Pair George III Silver Clustered-Column Candlesticks

William Cafe, London, 1768
with Jacobite Interest :

for the Dukes of Gordon, from Letterfourie House (by Robert Adam)

A truly impressive design reflecting 17th century Huguenot design,
the standards with five banded columns below cast upright acanthus sconces
and removable French gadrooned sconces,
each cast cinquefoil base with acanthus decoration within a gadrooned border
and an oval boss with engraved Gordon crest and motto:

'A Hart's Head Couped ppr.', and Motto : 'Dum Sisto Vigilo'

12" High / The Foot, 6.25" Wide

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Royal Interest :

George III Large Silver-Gilt Onslow Straining or Sifting Ladle,

Crested for Son of George III (Prince) Unmarked, c1775

The unusually large ladle of heavy gauge silver, for sifting or straining,
in the Onslow pattern, with a cast overscrolled terminal
and deep round finely foliate-pierced engraved bowl,
the terminal verso bearing a Royal crest beneath the scroll :
A lion statant gardant or, about the neck a label of three points,
resting on an Imperial crown
within the Order of the Garter, 'HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE',
beneath the Imperial Crown.
7.75" Long / Bowl Width, 3" / 2.8 oz.





George III Silver Toasting Fork
JR (presumably Josephus Read), London 1800
The long ebonized faceted toasting fork having ending in a silver fork
having three tapering prongs with baluster swelling below a reeded tapering silver ferrule,
the shaft terminal with silver ring attachment;
housed in a later leather and velvet-lined fitted case, retailed by Asprey, London
30.75" Long



Rare Form of Georgian Provincial Silver Marrow Scoop, "Reverse Bowl", Marked A S twice, c1800-25, Possibly Scottish 


Georgian Provincial Silver "Reverse Scoop" Marrow Scoop

Marked twice 'A S', possibly Scottish


Rare Form of Georgian Provincial Silver Marrow Scoop, "Reverse Bowl", Marked A S twice, c1800-25, Possibly Scottish 


(Corresponding Mark to Alexander Stewart, Inverness, and Tain, c1800-1025)

Of rare elongated tapering form, the squared off bowls facing in opposite directions,
marked twice at the waist A S in a rectangular punch, the reverse side with contemporary
conjoined script monogram 'JWB' or 'TWB' with flourishes

8.5" Long / 1.8 oz.

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Scarce Pair of George III Silver Nutcrackers, Thomas Phipps & Edward Robinson, London, 1802


Very Scarcce Pair George III Silver Nutcrackers

Phipps & Robinson, London,1803

Of heavy gauge silver, the reversible nutcrackers with a central pivot
between ribbed paddles extending into tapering cylindrical and reeded handles
ending in reeded ball finials; fully marked

5.25" Long / 4.4 oz.

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George III Scottish Provincial Silver-Mounted Coconut Cup, William Young, Dundee, Scotland, c1810


George III Scottish Provincial Silver-Mounted Coconut Cup
William Young, Dundee, Scotland, c1810
The nut in exceptional condition,
the upper rim silver-mounted with stylized leaf-form edge,
the lower mount joined with a corresponding leaf-form edge
the rim struck once to the rim and three times to the underside WY
6.25" High / Bowl Width, 3.75" / 6.5

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Good Pair George III Irish Silver Salvers, Charles Marsh, Dublin, Crested for Bentley


Good Pair of George III Irish Silver Salvers
Charles Marsh, Dublin, 1821
Crested for the family of Bentley
Of heavy gauge silver, each centering a crest :
within a wreath a spaniel dog passant
the flat borders with tongue and grove gadrooning
interspersed with four shells sided by scrolling acanthus leaves,
the whole raised on four lion paws
8.25" Diameter / 21.7 oz



George IV Silver Waiter, William Bateman, London 1825


George IV Silver Waiter

William Bateman, London 1825

Of quite heavy gauge silver, the round waiter (or small salver) with gadrooned rim

around a plain field centering the contemporary arms of Goodwyn :

raised on three paw feet issuing from acanthus leaves

7" Diameter / 10.4 oz.

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Fine William IV Silver Military Thread Basting Spoon, Paul Storr, London, 1835


Fine William IV Silver Military Thread Basting Spoon

Paul Storr, London, 1835

Crested for the family of Astley

Of heavy gauge silver, as expected with Storr wares,

the rare 'Military' variant of 'Old English Thread',
having a strong threaded 'pip' at the terminal

12.5" Long / 6.1 oz

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Fine & Heavy Pair of Victorian Silver Salad Servers, Kings Pattern , Lias


Fine & Heavy Pair of Victorian Silver Salad Servers, Kings Pattern

John Lias & Henry John Lias, London 1850 & 5

Of heavy gauge silver, the spoon and shaped 'runcible fork' double-struck in the King's pattern
with a concave shell to the terminals, a raised anthemion to the shaft, and concave shell to the heels,
each terminal also crested with a boar's head erased
over a contemporary conjoined cypher WMW
12" Long / 14.9 oz.

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Very Good Victorian Silver Flat-Lidded Tankard, in the Charles II Style,William Gibson and John Lawrence Langman, London, 1898 


Very Good Victorian Silver Flat-Lidded Tankard, in the Charles II Style,

William Gibson and John Lawrence Langman, London, 1898

Of heavy gauge silver,
with a broad tapering body sided by a scroll handle with thumb-piece,
the flat-lidded hinged cover with single step and reeded border,
the foot also reeded
6.5" High / 26.5oz.

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A GEORGE V SILVER WINE TASTER, centering and Elizabeth I Sixpence, D & J Wellby, London, 1912


George V Silver Wine Taster Set with 1575 Elizabeth I Silver Sixpence

D & J Wellby, London, 1912
Of very heavy gauge silver,
the dish with an inset 1575 Elizabeth I silver sixpence,
the flaring sides with spiraled flutes and 'godrons', and embossed grape and leaves,
all between upper and lower rows of beading; coiled snake handle
3.75" Diameter, the Bowl / 4.75" Over Handle / 3.9 oz.



Good Pair George V Silver Nutcracker,


Good Pair George V Silver Nutcracker

George Howson, London, 1926

The reversible nutcrackers with a central pivot between pierced and incised oval holders,
tapering reeded handles, one engraved with conjoined Gothic initials 'ASI',
each handle fully marked
6.5" Long / 7.8 oz.

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