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George III Enamel Twist Ratafia Glass

England, c1760

8.25" High

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Large Manganese & Yellow Delft Multi-Lobed Dish

England, c1680-1700

Painted in manganese and yellow,

the central roundel with a seated Chinese figure in a fenced landscape
surrounded by a border of stylized flowers, the rim painted with a continuous scene

of further standing and seated Chinese figures in various land- and river-scape settings;

Painters mark verso;

13.5" Diameter

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George II Cruciform Decanter

England, c1740

Eight sided with three applied neck rings;

wonderful interior bubbling to the thick early glass

Provenance : Bernard Watney

9.25" High

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George II Folded Foot Airtwist Wine

England, c1745-50

With wonderful grey tone and horizontal striation,

bell bowl, the airtwists rising into the bowl base,

above a applied folded foot

6-1/8" High

In Stock - Not Yet Photographed



George II Pedestal (Silesian)& Knopped Stem Sweetmeat Glass

England, c1750

Of heavy weight glass, the ogee bowl over a multi-teared knop,

raised on a Silesian stem with collar and multi-teared basal knop;

domed foot

5.25" High

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Chelsea Brown Anchor 'Hans Sloane' Plate

London, 1756, Brown Anchor Mark

The shaped dish having a brown line rim

centering boldly painted loganberry leaves and fruits

among the insects who would have fertilized them

8.25" Diameter

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George III Jacobite Double Series Opaque Twist Wine

England, c1765

Engraved with partially open 6-petaled rose in profile,
and a closed bud on a curving stem with 6 leaves of varying sizes,
above a double series opaque twist stem

5.75" High

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George III Unusually Cut Firing Glass, the basal cuts as hearts

Early George III Dram Firing Glass with Oversewn Foot

George III Engraved Masonic Firing Glass

Early George III Terraced Foot Opaque Twist Firing Glass



George III Jacobite Interest Double Series Opague Twist Wine

England, c1765

Engraved with a daffodil bloom amongst forget-me-not type foliage,

and a crested bird verso

raised on a knopped double series opaque twist stem

7" High

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Early George III Engraved Double Series Opaque Twist Stem Wine

England, c1765

Unusually engraved with a fruiting vine arising from delicate grasses,
raised on a double series opaque twist stem with two spiral tapes outside a gauze

5.75" High

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George III Engraved Sugar Loaf Decanter

Jacobite Interest

England, c1770

Engraved with two sprays, each issuing a single stem having small leaves

and three cut and polished flowerheads :
a six-petaled rose, a single bud, and a 4 petal rose

11.5" High

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George III Cut Glass Sugar-Loaf Decanter

England, c1770

having a horizontal band of polished flowerheads alternating with stars,
and a further band of ovals and stars, the base with a band up upright fluting;

facet cup neck and ovoid stopper

11.25" High

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George III Jacobite Interest Facet Cut Wine

England, c1775

The bowl with polished & engraved roses (that also resemble honeysuckle)

and a crested bird in flight

5.5" High

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George III Cut Glass Mallet Form Decanter

England, c1770

Having cut swags centering flowerheads above a band of upright basal fluting;
the base slightly concave and polished; the ovoid stopper with a faceted edge
11.25" High

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George III Engraved Handled Glass Tankard
England, c1765-80
Of large size, waisted and having a medial applied annulated ring,
ribbed upper rim and lower flaring foot,
engraved with a script monogram HB, hops and barley
7.25" High




George III Cut Glass Pint Decanter

England, c1780

Mallet form, the body engraved with swags of polished ovals suspended from cut flowerheads,
the base slightly concave and lightly polished; the ovoid stopper with edge faceting
9.5" High

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First Period Worcester Oval Moulded Jabberwocky Pattern Dish

England, c1768-70

Of oval fluted form, painted in overglaze enamels and gilt,
originally described as "fine old rich dragon pattern with blue 'Celeste' borders",
depicting a large fanciful dragon-like bird in flight amongst various flora and foliage

12" Wide x 9.5" High




Rare Pair of French Faience Polychrome Seated Lions

Probably Luneville, c1800

Whimsically painted in shades of black, gray and violets, with black-lined yellow manes,
each face with cobalt blue eyes, and showing teeth and tongue picked out in reds,
the ears laid back and pierced

18" Long x 14" High

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George I Walnut & Walnut Veneered Bachelor's Chest

Engand, c1715-20

The fold-out bookmatched top with featherbanding & crossbanding

above square lopers & two over three featherbanded & cockbeaded drawers;

original drop handles on petal mounts with cotter pin attachments

32.5" High x 34.5" Wide x 15.75" Deep

In Stock - Not Yet Photographed



George I Carved Walnut Open Armchair

England, c1720

A good early 18th century open armchair, of fine form and generous proportions,
retaining early surfaces with rich color and patination

36.75" High x 27.5" Wide

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George I Figured Walnut Chest of Drawers
England, c1720
The two-piece chest retaining original beautifully patinated surfaces,
the top quarter-veneered and crossbanded with rounded corners;
the whole with rare exquisite surfaces and patination
41" High x 41" Wide x 21.5" Deep

In Stock - Not Yet Photographed



Good George III Diminutive Mahogany Chest of Drawers
England, c1765
With Brushing Slide, Original Finish & Pierced Brasses

32.75" High x 31.25" Wide x 18.5" Deep

In Stock - Not Yet Photographed




Good George II / III Mahogany Kettle Stand
England, c1755-65
Of well figured timbers retaining the original surfaces,
the octagonal top with a plain gallery above a tapering and ring-turned standard with urn knop
23" High x 12" Diameter




Rare Pair Georgian Oak & Rush Lancashire Stools

England, First Quarter 19th Century

Having well-turned baluster legs ending in pad and ball feet,

baluster turned stretchers and rush seats

18" High & Wide, 14' Deep

Incoming in February



William IV Mahogany Double-Sided Folio Stand
Attributed to Gillows
England, c1830-3
Having two hinged rectangular slatted rests and turned ratchet supports
sided by rectangular standards above ratcheted horizontal legs
ending in moulded brass caps and casters
42.25" High x 28.25" Wide x 34.25" Deep

Incoming in February



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Good Set of Four 17th Century Carved Oak Panels
English or Dutch
Depicting Four Roman Gods :
Jupiter, Luna, Apollo and Sol
Each 9" High x 10.25" Wide

Incoming in February



Narcisse Virgile Diaz de la Peña

'Venus Surrounded by Cherubs'

(French 1808-1876) (Attr.)
Oil on Panel over Pencil
Signed Lower Center N. Diaz and dated 54
Exhibition of the French Masters, 1951, No. 18; Marlborough Fine Art, London



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Rare Caucausian Verneh Soumak Carpet, c1880

A sought after form of rug, the finely woven flatweave Caucasian Verneh or Soumak,
having a 4 rows of large rectilinear indigo and white Z's (S's),
the bottom left two a further variation of the Z,

Approximately 8'10" X 6'1"

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Fine & Rare Antique Bijar Soumak with Full Kelim Endings
Persia, c1900
Very finely woven,all vegetal dyes and wool warp and weft;

Original long kelim endings
4'10" x 3'6"

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Queen Anne Royal Britannia Silver Spoon

Thomas Spackman, London, 1713

In the Hanoverian pattern,

the terminal with Royal Cipher of Queen Anne

within the Order of the Garterbelow a Royal Coronet;
the shaft also marked with a crowned B

8.25" Long / 2.4 oz.






Assembled Set of 11 Queen Anne – George II Hanoverian
Britannia & Silver Standard 3-Tine Forks
Samuel Hitchcock, London, 1713-29 (majority)
Terminal verso :10 engraved with a demi-lion rampant in paws a cross,

one with arms of an eagle rising within a shield suspended from a lover's knot;
Upside of terminal ": 9 with bull's head, two unengraved
7.6" Long / 25.22 oz.

Incoming in February



"Very Rare" George I Silver-Mounted Tortoiseshell Snuff Box, James II

John Obrisset, London, c1720, Unsigned

From a 1685 Medal by John Roettiers

The oval box with stand-away hinges and gilt interior;

the plaque derived Roettier's Military & Naval reward

for distribution among those who commanded the Royal forces & fleets

which opposed the invasion of the Dukes of Monmouth and Argyle

listed in Phillip A.S. Phillips as "very rare"

2-25" Long

Incoming in February



George I / II Silver-Mounted Piqué Posé Tortoiseshell Snuff Box

England, c1725-35

The oval box two small "stand-away" hinges,
the tortoiseshell cover having engraved piqué posé inlay depicting
a seated flute player before a garden wall, serenading a shepherdess with staff and dog,
within an border of cornucopiae, doves, squirrels and baskets of fruits among foliage;
exquisitely executed

2.8" Wide

Incoming in February



George II Silver & Agate Heart Form Snuff Box

Lewis More, England, c1740

Reeded sides and gilt interior

2.5" Long x 2.5" Wide x 1" High / 1.7 oz
In Stock - Linked



Rare Straight Set of 12 George II Irish Silver Hanoverian 3-Tine Dessert Forks

Michael Home, Dublin, c1752

The terminals crested :

A wolf's head erased proper collared argent charged thereon with a cross crosslet sable 

for the family of Tighe, Mitchelstown in the County of Westmeath, Ireland

6.75" (c17 cm) Long / Individual Tines just under 2" (c5 cm)
20 oz. Total Weight

In Stock - Linked



18th Century Silver-Mounted Coconut, Double Crested

Unmarked, England

The plain shell with a scalloped and pierced silver rim mount,
raised on three hoof feet issuing from shell attachments;
the rim mount engraved with two crests, for Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness,

1st Baronet of Castle Knock in the County of Dublin.

3-7/8" High, The Bowl 5" Wide



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George II / III Silver Pose Tortoiseshell Snuff Box

England, c1755-65

The pull-off cover with engraved piqué posé inlay
depicting three 'Aesop's Fables' -
'The North Wind & the Sun', 'The Fox & the Stork' and 'The Two Rabbits'
2-1/8" Diameter

Incoming in February



Pair George II Cast Silver Candlesticks

Arthur Annesley, London, 1759

In high rococo manner,

each crested to the foot for Leeson, Earl of Russborough, co. Wicklow, Ireland,

with a demi-lion rampant, in paws a sun in splendour, all above a star :

10" High / 41.12 oz.





Good Pair George II/ III Irish Silver Hook End Basting Spoons

John Dawson (likely), Dublin, Mid-18th Century

Of heavy gauge silver, the broad over-scrolled terminal crested

for the family of Colyear, Scotland and Ireland :

a unicorn rampant arg., armed and crined or.

12.25" Long / 10.4 Total oz.





Early George III Irish Silver Hook-End Basting Spoons & Soup Ladle

Crested en suite for James Ferguson of Pitfour, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Basting Spoons : Christopher Skinner, Dublin, c1764, 12" Long

Ladle : John Laughlin Jr., & Peter David,
Dublin, Lacking Date Letter, Mid-18th Century, 14.5" Long

16.6 Total oz.

In Stock - Linked




George III Silver Shell-Back Mote Spoon

James Tookey, London, c1765

The ovoid bowl pierces with saltires and foliate scrolls,
the heel with a single drop and finely cast shell
5.5'' Long / .2 oz.

In Stock - Images In Progress



George III Silver Beaker

Aaron Lestourgen, London, 1774

Of tapering cylindrical form, with gilt interior;

Crested for the family of Kirkby of Northwest England :

Willliam Comber Kirkby (Lancashire and Surrey),

or his son William Kirkby (Co. Middlesex)

3.25" High / 4.8 oz.



In Stock - Linked





George III Silver Goblet

John Swift, London, 1799

The ovoid body crested for Jolliffe (Somerset)

and inscribed verso H over I * M and 1780;

gilt interior and beaded collar and footrim

6" High / 7 oz.

In Stock - Linked



Pair of George III Irish Silver Wine Coasters
Maker's Mark Rubbed, Dublin, 1782
The round upright galleries engraved with floral and foliate swags
centering ovals crested with a stag's head erased,
between borders pierced with bright-cut Vitruvian waves,
having beading to the upper rim, and reeding below; turned wood base
5.25" Diameter

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George III Silver Bougie Box

Thomas Phipps & Edward Robinson, London, 1785-6

The pull off cover crested with a leopards head out of a ducal coronet,

below the motto :
PRINCIPIIS OBSFA (Oppose Beginnings)

2 -5/8" Diameter / 2.2oz.

In Stock - Linked



George III Silver Fold-In Buckle Handle Bougie Box

Susanna Barker, London, 1792-3

the cover withbright cut border and disguised integral hinge,
the half-crescent swivel-action wick trimmer engraved

with two intertwining roses
1-15/16" Diameter / 1.7 oz.




Good Set of Four George IV Silver Neoclassical Candlesticks

Creswick & Co., 1820

The tapering standards with upright columns of acanthus leaves,

the knops, feet and bobeches with further acanthus leaves and flowerheads;

each marked to the footrim

11-1/8" High

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