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Dutch-Decorated Japanese Pear Form Porcelain Tankard
Edo Period, c1680-1700 / 'Quail & Millet' Pattern
In a European form, with underglaze blue meticulously over-painted in The Netherlands
in the Kakiemon manner with the'quail and millet' pattern in overglaze enamels and gilt;
The 'quail and millet' pattern was first seen in China in the early 12th century,
where the fighting quail symbolized courage.
The subject was later taken up by court painters in Japan, where, by the 17th century,
the quail combined with grasses and millet represented autumn.

The theme continued to be reproduced on the Continent and in England throughout the 18th century

6.75" High x 6" Wide




Large Manganese & Yellow Dutch Delft Lobed Dish

Netherlands, c1680-90

In mangansese and yellow edged in bright blue

depicting Chinese figures in a landscape before a stream,

the verso with X's and O's divided by straight lines

13.5" Diameter

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Large Manganese & Yellow Delft Multi-Lobed Dish

England, c1680-1700

Painted in manganese and yellow,

the central roundel with a seated Chinese figure in a fenced landscape
surrounded by a border of stylized flowers, the rim painted with a continuous scene

of further standing and seated Chinese figures in various land- and river-scape settings;

Painters mark verso;

13.5" Diameter

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Kangxi Blue & White Moulded & Shaped 'Lange Lijzen' Dish

China, c1700

Painted in the Lange Lijzen (Long Eliza) pattern, with Jade mark verso

Lange Lijzen is a Dutch term, indicating a tall slender lady, usually with a flower,

which became Long Eliza in English

6-5/8" Wide




Below : A Collection of Six

Kangxi Silver-Mounted Blue-and-White Porcelains



Kangxi Scarce Silver-Mounted Mustard Pot
The domed cover with a seated fu dog finial,
the body painted with chrysanthemums & birds in flight;
the silver mounts with a thumb lift &19c Dutch mark




Kangxi Silver-Mounted Blue & White Footed Jar, c1700
Silver Mounts, 1864, Amsterdam, Netherlands
the baluster molded body on a spreading pedestal foot;
the mounts pierced and intricately engraved;
artemesia leaf verso




Kangxi Silver-Mounted Blue & White Bottle Vase, c1700
The mounts, European, 18th / early 19th century;
The slender neck mounted with a silver collar and
screw on top; the body with mushrooms & blue hollow
rocks; verso with Kangxi artemesia leaf mark




Kangxi Silver-Mounted Large Blue & White Bottle Vase, c1690
The engraved mounts unmarked, very likely Dutch;
The body with panels of blue hollow rocks and flora;
verso with an artemesia leaf within concentric circles
10.5" High




Kangxi Silver-Mounted Blue & White Moulded Tea Caddy
The Porcelain, c1700, the Mounts, Dutch 1858
Wrythen moulded body with panels of flowerheads,
the neck and cover with well engraved silver mounts;
fully marked




Kangxi Silver-Mounted Blue & White Porcelain "Long Eliza" Tea Caddy

The Porcelain, c1700, the Mounts, Dutch 1853

The body wiht two Long Eliza figures on a garden terrace,

the reverso with a large plantain issuing from a blue hollow rock;

free-standing "hibiscus" floral finial





Rare Yongzheng Blue & White Moulded Teapot
With Outset Applied Scrollwork Base
China, 1723-1735
This form of moulded scrollwork is often seen on the Yongzheng caddies (canisters)
of the early 18th century, in both famille rose and grisaille.
It is quite rare to find the applied scrollwork on a teapot base - especially in blue and white.

The teapot when viewed in its entirety is quite reminscent of the closed lotus bloom.
4.25" High




George II Cruciform Decanter

England, c1740

Eight sided with three applied neck rings;

wonderful interior bubbling to the thick early glass

Provenance : Bernard Watney

9.25" High




Early Qianlong European Market Ence de Chine Plate

China, c1745

After an engraving celebrating "Love" -
"Les Pelerins De L'Isle De Cythere", by Bernard Picart (1673-1733)

8-7/8" Diameter





Chinese Export Blue & White Petal-Carved Part Dinner Service (12 Pieces)

1st Half 18th Century, the center and cavetto of each sublty chrysantemum-petal carved;

comprising 9 dinner plates, 2 serving dishes and a single large charger



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George II Pedestal (Silesian)& Knopped Stem Sweetmeat Glass

England, c1750

Of heavy weight glass, the ogee bowl over a multi-teared knop,

raised on a Silesian stem with collar and multi-teared basal knop;

domed foot

5.25" High




Chelsea Brown Anchor 'Hans Sloane' Plate

London, 1756, Brown Anchor Mark

The shaped dish having a brown line rim

centering boldly painted loganberry leaves and fruits

among the insects who would have fertilized them

8.25" Diameter




George II / III Incised Twist Stem Wine

England, c1755-65

The round funnel bowl vertically moulded flutes ending in small knops,

over a finely insiced stem and

conical foot and snapped pontil

5.25" High

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Below : Six Wines,

From a Collection of Jacobite Glasses



George II Jacobite Engraved Airtwist Wine

With Stuart Rose, Oak Leaf and Star

England, c1750

(The engraver likely Engraver C, as discussed and pictured in
The Jacobites and Their Drinking Glasses, Seddon, p.110-111 and 116-7)

6.25" High





George III Jacobite Moulded Bowl Opaque Twist Wine

Daffodil & Bee, England, c1750

Daffodils symbolized 'hope'- the return of spring,
and akin to the sunflower, the return of the Stuart reign.
Bees symbolized both 'fertility' and 'resurrection' to new life out of decay.
5.75" High





George II Jacobite Pattern Moulded Bowl & Folded Foot

England, c1750

Engraved with Stuart Rose and Compound Scottish Rose Foliage

6" High





Jacobite Interest :
George II / III Composite Stem Wine Glass

England, c1760

The bell bowl engraved with a carnation and two buds with moth,

three part composite stem with enamel twist

The carnation has long been a Jacobite symbol for several reasons :

"carnation / coronation" , and an "omen",

as carnations bloomed early in January 1720, after the birth of Prince James Edward Stuart

6.25" High




Jacobite Interest : George III Facet-Cut Wine Glass

England, c1770

engraved to each side with a 6-petaled rose between two buds

A very similar glass is pictured Pl. 84(e), Glass Through the Ages, E.B. Haynes

5.25" High




George III Jacobite Facet Stem Wine

England, c1775

With Stuart 6-Petaled Rose & Bird in Flight

Base to bowl cut as rose petals

The foot facet cut as the Stuart Rose

6" High





George III Jacobite Double Series Opaque Twist Wine

England, c1765

Engraved with partially open 6-petaled rose in profile,
and a closed bud on a curving stem with 6 leaves of varying sizes,
above a double series opaque twist stem

5.75" High




George III Jacobite Interest Double Series Opague Twist Wine

England, c1765

Engraved with a daffodil bloom amongst forget-me-not type foliage,

and a crested bird verso

raised on a knopped double series opaque twist stem

7" High





George III Engraved Sugar Loaf Decanter

Jacobite Interest

England, c1770

Engraved with two sprays, each issuing a single stem having small leaves

and three cut and polished flowerheads :
a six-petaled rose, a single bud, and a 4 petal rose

11.5" High




George III Jacobite Interest Facet Cut Wine

England, c1775

The bowl with polished & engraved roses (that also resemble honeysuckle)

and a crested bird in flight

5.5" High




George III Engraved Handled Glass Tankard
England, c1765-80
Of large size, waisted and having a medial applied annulated ring,
ribbed upper rim and lower flaring foot,
engraved with a script monogram HB, hops and barley
7.25" High




First Period Worcester Oval Moulded Jabberwocky Pattern Dish

England, c1768-70

Of oval fluted form, painted in overglaze enamels and gilt,
originally described as "fine old rich dragon pattern with blue 'Celeste' borders",
depicting a large fanciful dragon-like bird in flight amongst various flora and foliage

12" Wide x 9.5" High




Caughley Diminutive Porcelain Creamboat

England, c1777-85

Paitned with the "Rock House" pattern, C mark verso

Literature : Caughley Bicentenary Exhibition of Caughley Porcelain,
Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust, 1999 no.369;
& Caughley Society Newsletter, November 2010 No.44 p.17




Two Caughley Porcelain Egg Drainers (Strainers), 'Pleasure Boat', England, c1785-99 (SOLD)

Two First Period Worcester Escallop Shell Moulded Pickle Dishes,

'Two Peony, Rock and Bird' Pattern, England, c1756

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Rare Pair of French Faience Polychrome Seated Lions

Probably Luneville, c1800

Whimsically painted in shades of black, gray and violets, with black-lined yellow manes,
each face with cobalt blue eyes, and showing teeth and tongue picked out in reds,
the ears laid back and pierced

18" Long x 14" High

In Stock - Linked




Staffordshire Creamware Fox Head Stirrup Cup
England, First Quarter 19th Century
The white glazed cup modeled as a fox head having straight-forward gaze and upright ears,
the "collar" as a silver-luster rim
4.5" High




Scarce Staffordshire Pottery Stirrup Cup : Muzzled Bear
England, Early 19th Century
The white collared and muzzled bear's head, showing all teeth,
red tongue extended, having black edged red eyes and protruding ears and nose,
the rose muzzle extending from an orange rimmed rose collar
4.75" High



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William III / Queen Anne Carved Fruitwood & Needlework Stool

with Braganza Feet, Probably Cherrywood

England, c1700-1715

The knees with nipple endings rather than returns,

the later needlework with birds, rabbits and flora

16" High x 17" x 15"




George I Walnut & Walnut Veneered Bachelor's Chest

Engand, c1715-20

The fold-out bookmatched top with featherbanding & crossbanding

above square lopers & two over three featherbanded & cockbeaded drawers;

original drop handles on petal mounts with cotter pin attachments

32.5" High x 34.5" Wide x 15.75" Deep




George I Carved Walnut Open Armchair

England, c1720

A good early 18th century open armchair, of fine form and generous proportions,
retaining early surfaces with rich color and patination

36.75" High x 27.5" Wide




George I Figured Walnut Chest of Drawers
England, c1720
The two-piece chest retaining original beautifully patinated surfaces,
the top quarter-veneered and crossbanded with rounded corners;
the whole with rare exquisite surfaces and patination
41" High x 41" Wide x 21.5" Deep





Pair of Finely Turned Early 18th Century Treen Candlesticks

Possibly French

Finely grained and well turned with wonderful rich patination,
having elongated slender shafts surmounted by spool-shaped sockets

and resting on a series of flattened and inverted acorn knops
9" High




Fine George I / II Gesso and Giltwood Mirror
England, c1720-40
Original plate and gilt, girandole arms being replaced
46" High x 24" Wide




George II Carved Upholstered Mahogany Side Chair

England, c1740
The upholstered back with serpentine crestrail,
the four legs cabriole raised on inset castors,

the front knees nicely carved with scrolling foliate border returns

and descending to energetic and well carved ball and claw feet
23.5" Wide




Good George III Diminutive Mahogany Chest of Drawers
England, c1765
With Brushing Slide, Original Finish & Pierced Brasses

32.75" High x 31.25" Wide x 18.5" Deep





Good George II / III Mahogany Kettle Stand
England, c1755-65
Of well figured timbers retaining the original surfaces,
the octagonal top with a plain gallery above a tapering and ring-turned standard with urn knop
23" High x 12" Diameter




Good George III Inlaid Mahogany Straight Tube (Stick) Barometer

London, 1770

The signed silvered register with vernier sliding scale behind hinged glazed door,
the mercury thermometer also behind a further hinged glazed trunk door,

the entire case edged in intricate inlaid checker-banding
43.5" High




Fine George III Mahogany 2-Pedestal Writing Table

England, c1790

Of fine timbers with original surfaces and stylish rectangular brasses.

constructed entirely in one piece

30.5" High c 45" Wide x 29.5" Deep

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George IV Brass-Mounted Mahogany Adjustable Folio Stand
Attributed to Gillows
England, c1820-30
Having two hinged rectangular slatted rests and turned ratchet supports
sided by rectangular standards above ratcheted horizontal legs
ending in moulded brass caps and casters

A quite similar design appears in Gillows' 1820 "Estimate Sketch Book", pl.307.
42.25" High x 28.25" Wide x 34.25" Deep




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Carved Oak Corbel Appliqué
c1580-1620, Likely British
The small carving in the form of a maned lion's face and paws
having pierced eyeballs and wonderful expression
6.75" High x 5" Wide




Charles II Biblical Stumpwork & Needlework on Silk

Housed in a Baroque Carved Wooden Frame with Early Glass

England, c17th Century

Probably the Queen of Sheba kneeling before a crowned King Solomon

who holds a scepter, and accompanied by a servant standing behind

(First Kings 10, and Chronicles 9)

Framed Size : 12.5" High x 14.75" Wide




Costa Scena : A Cruise Along the Southern Coast of Kent
A Cased Strip Panorama, An Aquatint
"Dedicated to His Most Gracious Majesty George IV"

The Scenes Taken from Nature By Robert Havell Jr., Published London, 1823
Consisting of seven conjoined sheets unrolling to depict (from moving viewpoints)
the departure of George IV on his momentous State visit to Scotland, 23 August 1822,

aboard the 'Royal George'.
3 Inches High x 18.25 Feet Long






Narcisse Virgile Diaz de la Peña

'Venus Surrounded by Cherubs'

(French 1808-1876) (Attr.)
Oil on Panel over Pencil
Signed Lower Center N. Diaz and dated 54
Exhibition of the French Masters, 1951, No. 18; Marlborough Fine Art, London



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Tibetan Silk Chukor Temple Hanging

Eastern China, Mongolia or Tibet, Late 19th / Early 20th Century

With loosely tacked vertical strips of brocaded silk falling from a silk header,

each strip containing various pattened squares

folded to a point and layered, resembling fish scales

each strip ending in a point,

altogether viewed forming a geometric pattern,

10' High x 7'8" Wide

SOLD - (before it could be photographed)


Rare Caucausian Verneh Soumak Carpet, c1880

A sought after form of rug, the finely woven flatweave Caucasian Verneh or Soumak,
having a 4 rows of large rectilinear indigo and white Z's (S's),
the bottom left two a further variation of the Z,

Approximately 8'10" X 6'1"

In Stock - Linked



Fine & Rare Antique Bijar Soumak with Full Kelim Endings
Persia, c1900
Very finely woven,all vegetal dyes and wool warp and weft;

Original long kelim endings
4'10" x 3'6"

In Stock - Linked



Richard Hayley Lever
Australian / American, 1876-1958
'St. Ives , Cornwall England 1904'
Provenance : Spanierman Gallery, bearing label verso
Listed : "Spanierman Works for Sale, Feb-April 2003, Price on Request"

Literature : Hayley Lever, Carol Lowrey. pp. 32-3, illlustrated p. 33

The brushwork, coloration and development on this painting are exceptional.

Image Size : 10.25" x 13.25"




Norwood Creech

Arkansas / Tennessee / Contemporary

Looking Down The 'Dump'

Sunken Lands, Arkansas Flood Plains

Single Print Digital Photograph in Black and Cream

Image Size : 13-3/16" Wide x 19-7/8" High




Norwood Creech
Arkansas / Tennessee / Contemporary
"In the Shade,

Adamson Road, Poinsett County, Arkansas"
Charcoal & Oil on Canvas / 20" x 30" Image Size

Literature : Delta Made Catalog, Volume 2, 2016 / 2017, p. 11

In Stock - Linked



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Two James I Engraved Silver Bodkins With Ear Spoons

England, c1620

Each of heavy gauge silver and engraved in the Stuart manner,

each also with owner's intial

one with rare maker's mark

5.75" and 6" Long




Charles II / James II Silver Lace Back & Front Trefid Spoon

Thomas Allen, London, c1688

The terminal with foilate scrolls to the front,

the verso scratch engraved 1688 over *M*S*;

The bowl with rattail attachment and foliate scrolling verso

8" Long / 2.75" Long, the Bowl / 2.4 oz.




Silver-Mounted Tortoiseshell Snuff Box

England, c1700 or slightly earlier

Silver Applique of Charles I, within Silver Pique Border

Interior with a Portrait of the Huntress Diana

The portrait of Charles I with lovelock on left shoulder,

wearing the St. George of the Order of the Garter

suspended on a ribbon from his neck; mother-of-pearl base

3.25" Long




Queen Anne Royal Britannia Silver Spoon

Thomas Spackman, London, 1713

In the Hanoverian pattern,

the terminal with Royal Cipher of Queen Anne

within the Order of the Garterbelow a Royal Coronet;
the shaft also marked with a crowned B

8.25" Long / 2.4 oz.






Queen Anne / George I Pressed Horn Tobacco Box
John Obrisset / "Tent of Darius"

England, c1705-28 / Initialed 'OB'
The oval box with waisted body and lift off cover, the cover pressed
with a scene from Charles Le Brun's 1661 painting
'The Queens of Persia at the Feet Alexander' or 'Tent of Darius'
An identical box with break to lid resides in the Fitzwilliam Museum.
4.25" Long




Early 18th Century 'Britannia Standard Silver', Tortoiseshell,

& Mother of Pearl Tobacco Box

Thomas Roberts, London, c1705-1730
A very fine box, oval with stand-away hinge, the cover and base of tortoiseshell
A similar box is in the Fitzwilliam, Catalogue Number : H. 24, p. 136.
A further marked Roberts box resides in the Fitzwilliam, Number : M.90-1961
3.25" Wide



Fine Early George II Silver Square Salver

John Tuite, London 1729

Heavy gauge silver, the plain field centering Arms for the Family of Chaundler
(American Interest for family of Chandler)

7.5" Diameter /. 11.75" oz.




Pair of Large George II Silver Trencher Salts

Edward Wood, London 1730

The Base : 3-1/8" Long / 2-5/8" Wide / Weight : 4.8 oz.








Rare Jacobite Interest George II Hanoverian Silver Spoon

Inscribed for Henry Stuart, Cardinal, Duke of York,

beneath the Royal Coronet and above a Cardinal's Hat

Henry Stuart was younger brother of Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie).

and became the the fourth and final Jacobite heir at Prine Charlie's death

England, c1745

8.25" Long / 2.2 oz.






George II Scottish Silver Hanoverian Hash Spoon

Edinburgh, 1746, Initialed 'C'

(shown with an 11-7/8" George III Onslow Basting Spoon)

Charles Dickson, Assay Master Hugh Gordon

Of heavy gauge silver, with very large bowl, and faceted heel

15.25" Long / The Bowl, 5" x 3" / 7.7 oz.




Rare Straight Set of 12 George II Irish Silver Hanoverian 3-Tine Dessert Forks

Michael Home, Dublin, c1752

The terminals crested with a wolf's head erased, gorged with a collar with a single crosslet

(being researched with the Heraldry Society)

6.75" (c17 cm) Long / Individual Tines just under 2" (c5 cm)
20 oz. Total Weight




English Silver-Mounted Leathern Black-Jack

Maker's Mark I.T within a pelleted oval

Probably Provincial, 18th century

Of tapering beaker form with engraved upper and lower mounts,

three hinged strapwork supports, each with floral and mask chasing

8.5" High x 5.25" Diameter / 44 Fl. oz. Capacity




18th Century Silver-Mounted Coconut Cup and Cover

Unmarked to the Body, Cover Maker's Mark Rubbed, Probably Continental

The silver-lined ovoid bowl having silver mounts with fish-scale diapering & pierced border,

supported by three silver Atlanteans over a knopped pedestal stem

and stepped base, also with scale diapering,

the coconut cover with knopped silver finial and escutcheon

10" High




18th Century Silver-Mounted Coconut,

Crested for the Families of Lee & Guinness

Unmarked, England

The plain shell with a scalloped and pierced silver rim mount,
raised on three hoof feet issuing from shell attachments;
the rim mount engraved with crests for the familes of Lee & Guinness

3-7/8" High, The Bowl 5" Wide






Mid-18th Century Cast Silver Harlequin Taperstick

England, c1745-55

The standing harlequin, his taised arms supporting a fluted drip pan

and spool form socket; unmarked; silver scratch weight mark verso

This form was made between c1740 -50 with no known corresponding candlestick

5.25" High, 5.1 oz.




Pair George II Cast Silver Candlesticks

Arthur Annesley, London, 1759

In high rococo manner,

each crested to the foot for Leeson, Earl of Russborough, co. Wicklow, Ireland,

with a demi-lion rampant, in paws a sun in splendour, all above a star :

10" High / 41.12 oz.





Good Pair George II/ III Irish Silver Hook End Basting Spoons

John Dawson (likely), Dublin, Mid-18th Century

Of heavy gauge silver, the broad over-scrolled terminal crested

for the family of Colyear, Scotland and Ireland :

a unicorn rampant arg., armed and crined or.

12.25" Long / 10.4 Total oz.





Early George III Irish Silver Hook-End Basting Spoons & Soup Ladle

Crested en suite for James Ferguson of Pitfour, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Basting Spoons : Christopher Skinner, Dublin, c1764, 12" Long

Ladle : John Laughlin Jr., & Peter David,
Dublin, Lacking Date Letter, Mid-18th Century, 14.5" Long

16.6 Total oz.





Straight Set 11 George III_Silver Pistol-Handled Cheese Forks
William Abdy I, London, c1765
The silver pistol hafts with scrolling acanthus leaf caps.
the carbon steel two tine forks with elegant baluster shaft;
crested to the handle for the baronetcy family of Style (Kent)





Straight Set of George III Silver-Handled Dinner & Dessert Knives
Consisting of 6 Dinner Knives, & 11 Desserts
William Abdy I, London, Incuse Mark WA, c1769 & Lion Passant
Engraved with Crossed L's
Length : 11.5", Dinner Size; 9.25', Dessert Size




George III Pierced Silver Server / Slice

Richard Mills, London, 1770

The curved blade centering three crested Jaybirds

among strapling foliage and daffodil flowerheads

10.75"Long / 4.3 troy oz.






George III Silver Beaker

Aaron Lestourgen, London, 1774

Of tapering cylindrical form, with gilt interior;

Crested for the family of Kirkby of Northwest England :

Willliam Comber Kirkby (Lancashire and Surrey),

or his son William Kirkby (Co. Middlesex)

3.25" High / 4.8 oz.






Rare & Fine Old Shefffield Plate Butter Tub & Cover

Tudor & Co., England, c1780

With star cut blue glass liner, the center medallion engraved in script CY,

as well as the cover interior, the cover interior and base also engraved Y over I*S;

Literature : Old Sheffield Plate : A History of the 18th Century Plated Trade,

Crosskey, op cit. p.382

6.25" High x 9.25" Over Handles, 4.5" Deep




George III Silver Goblet

John Swift, London, 1799

The ovoid body crested for Jolliffe (Somerset)

and inscribed verso H over I * M and 1780;

gilt interior and beaded collar and footrim

6" High / 7 oz.




Pair of George III Irish Silver Wine Coasters
Maker's Mark Rubbed, Dublin, 1782
The round upright galleries engraved with floral and foliate swags
centering ovals crested with a stag's head erased,
between borders pierced with bright-cut Vitruvian waves,
having beading to the upper rim, and reeding below; turned wood base
5.25" Diameter




Coquilla Nut & Lignum Vitae Table Nutmeg Grater
England, Late 18th / Early 19th Century
Separating into three sections, the top with a steel grater
and nutmeg storage, over a turned pedestal assembly
and a basket form base for further nut storage
6" High




Good Set of Four George IV Silver Neoclassical Candlesticks

Creswick & Co., 1820

The tapering standards with upright columns of acanthus leaves,

the knops, feet and bobeches with further acanthus leaves and flowerheads;

each marked to the footrim

11-1/8" High

In Stock - Linked



George IV Silver-Gilt & Malachite Dessert Set

William Eley & William Fearn (with two additional by Platt, and Tweedie)

London, 1821 & 1828

Comprising six knives and six forks, each marked and

crested with an earl's coronet over the cypher ED,

for Edward Digby, 2nd Earl of Digby






George IV Armorial Silver Salver

William Stroud, London, 1821

Heavy gauge silver, the gadrooned rim centering the arms and motto of

Granville Leveson-Gower, the 1st Earl Granville

Provenance : How of Edinburgh

8.26" Diameter / 16.3 oz.






Fine Pair of George IV Old Sheffield Plate Wine Coolers
Matthew Boulton, Birmingham, England, 1st Quarter 19th Century
Each of twin handled campana form and having collared liners,
the bodies with engraved full armorials

The Arms of The Honourable Thomas Villiers

(The arms resting upon the Prussian eagle denotes an augmentation of

Barony of the Kingdom of Prussia granted by the King of Prussia to Thomas Villiers)

Boulton Mark of Twin Suns with Faces / 10.25" High





Carved Figural Boxwood Screw-Form Nutcracker

First Half 19th Century, Continental

Modeled as a standing violoinst, his curled wig with cap,

raised on a pedestal base

6.5" High




Fine Pair George IV King's Hourglass Asparagus / Chop Tongs

William Eaton, London, 1825

Of very heavy gauge and retaining full detail to the castings

10.3" Long / 9.1 oz / Fully Marked




Early Victorian Silver Melon-Form Nutmeg Grater

John Taylor & John Perry, Birmingham, 1844

The interior fitted with a blue steel grater;

Engraved to the cover :

E.L. Porter. From G.W.H and Aug't 27th 1835

1.5" Long /. .9 oz




Rare Carved Figural Silver-Mounted Desk Seal,

Modeled as Fox on a Tree Stump

France, Marks : Post-1838 Boar's Head, Maker's Mark in a Lozenge
the .800 silver seal engraved to the verso with conjoined (and reversed) initials JBS
5.25" High




Victorian Cast Silver-Mounted Heraldic Bottle Stopper

William Hunter, London, 1868

Modeled as the crest for the famlies of

Boucher / Bourcher / Bourchier

3.75" High / 2.1 oz. total




Pair Scottish Victorian Silver Bottle Stoppers

J. Mackay, Edinburgh, c1880

a pair of beavers on threaded shafts ending in silver discs

2-3/8" High / 3.9 oz.




Victorian Silver-Gilt Dessert Service for 12, Hanoverian Pattern

George Adams Jr, and Holland, Aldwinckle & Slater

Consisting of 12 pistol handled knives, 12 dessert spoons, 12 3-tine forks

Total Weight (36 pieces) : 64.6 oz



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2017 New & Incoming Stock Catalog, featuring Ceramics & Glass, Furniture, Fine Art, Silver & Vertu


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