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Rare Kangxi Chinese Imari Fluted & Scalloped Dish

Incised Johanneum Inventory Number N=268+

China, c1700

From the Japanese Palace of Augustus the Strong, Dresden
(Whilst the mark + was placed on the wares beleived at the time to be Japanese,

many were in fact Chinese, as this example).

12" Diameter





Chinese Export Blue & White Petal-Carved Part Dinner Service (12 Pieces)

1st Half 18th Century, the center and cavetto of each sublty chrysantemum-petal carved;

comprising 9 dinner plates, 2 serving dishes and a single large charger



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Early Georgian Baluster Wine, Folded Foot & Tear

England, c1730

Bearing collector's label and number

5.5" High




Early George II Baluster Wine with Two Tears

England, c1730

6" High




Good George II Cruciform Carafe-Form Decanter

England, c1740
Molded base and flattered concave sides

with long tapering and stopperless neck with applied engrailed rings

9.5" High




Early Worcester Blue & White Molded Teabowl & Saucer

"Fisherman and Willow Pavilion", c1755-60
Painted with a fisherman beneath a willow; workman's mark
Exhibited : London, 1986, The Paul Zeisler Collection of
English Blue & White Porcelain
, Albert Amor

5" Diameter, The Saucer

In Stock - Linked



George II Early Masonic Firing Glass

England, c1750-60

Engraved with a compass, square and level

beneath a crescent and sun

4.25" High




Early George III Engraved Jacbote Airtwist Wine

Jacobite Interest, England, c1760
Engraved with a rose and a bud above a multiple series knopped stem
6.25" High




Scarce Lowestoft "Island" Pattern Miniature (Toy) Teabowl & Saucer

England, c1762-65

Depicting a Chinese riverscape with pagodas, trees and sampans
within single line and "berry" borders;
saucer verso with a decorator's mark M or 3
Ref : Spero, Simpson Collection of Eighteenth Century English Blue & White Miniature Porcelain

Teabowl, 1-5/8" High, Saucer, 3" Diameter




Scarce Lowestoft "Island" Pattern Miniature (Toy) Teabowl & Saucer

England, c1762-65

Depicting a Chinese riverscape with pagodas, trees and sampans
within single line and "berry" borders;
teabowl footrim with a decorator's mark 13 (?)
Ref : Spero, Simpson Collection of Eighteenth Century English Blue & White Miniature Porcelain

Teabowl, 1-5/8" High, Saucer, 3" Diameter




Good Worcester Blue & White Guglet (Bottle Vase)

"Willow Bridge Fisherman Pattern", c1768
The scarce vase with two fishermen on a bridge before a sampan with two further fishermen,
below a knopped and flaring neck having a border of two panels of birds in branches

reserved on a diapered ground

11" High




Pair Mid-18th Century Cut Glass Candlesticks

The Netherlands

Each with knopped and faceted shafts above a domed flaring foot

7.5" High




Scarce Chinese Export Pseudo Tobacco Leaf Teapot & Cover

Qianlong, China, c1765

An early example featuring tree squirrels in pursuit of peaches

Amongst tropical leaves and floral sprags

5.5" High




Good Early George III Pedestal Stam Sweetmeat Glass

England, c1760

 The ogee bowl with dentelated rim above a pedestal (Silesian) stem

above a basal know and domed folded foot

5.75" High




Bow Porcelain Lobed & Moulded Geranium Leaf Dish

England, c1765-70

Painted in bright blue with fruiting grapevines and scattered insects

shaped feuille-de-choux rim,
the verso with pseudo Oriental character marks

9-7/8" Long

In Stock - Linked



Engraved George III Jacobite Glass Tumbler

England, c1765

With birds in flight, one with a sunflower, the other with rose foliage in beak

the reverse with an arrangement of 7 X's and 5 6-pointed stars,

the verso molded as a sunflower

4-1/2" High




Rare Worcester "Scolopendrium" Pattern Bowl
England, c1772-1775

The five-lobed molded bowl in polychrome enamels with large spiraling scolopendrium

(hart's tongue fern) leaves, alternating, in typical Worcester factory style,
with floral sprigs, below a brown-line rim, on a high footrim;

said to be a copy of an earlier Chelsea example, but without the interspersed sprigging

Ref : Worcester Porcelain in the Zorensky Collection, Sandon, p 194, Plate 209;

Dictionary of Worcester Porcelain, Sandon, p. 305, for an example of the 1765 beaker and saucer

6" Diameter




Caughley Miniature (Toy) Coffee Cup & Saucer

"Pleasure Boat" Pattern, c1785

The Cup 1.5" High, Saucer 2.75" Wide,

and with S mark (Salopian)

In Stock - Linked




Continental Cut & Engraved Ceremonial Glass

Probably Bohemian, Mid 18th to Late 18th Century

Engraved to the bowl as follows :
a sun in splendor, a concave flaming heart, a sunflower with two buds
above a furrowed field with two bridges,
and sided by sprays of lily of the valley

below an inscription loosely translating "the life comes from thee"

9.5" High




Engraved George III Jacobite Large Glass Tumbler

England, Late 18th Century

Engraved with a bird in flight and initials

sided by sprays ending in Stuart 6-petaled roses

4-5/8" High




Fine George III Cut & Engraved Mallet-Form Decanter

Masonic Interest, England, c1780-90

Sugar-loaf form, the shoulders engraved with three concave suns
arch-shaped basal flutes, facet cut neck and stopper

Illustrated "Decanters, Ancient to Modern", Andy McConnell

11" High






George III Jacobite Interest Engraved Facet Cut Wine

England, c1770

With a concave carved cluster of grapes sided by two freely drawn leaves
and C and S-scrolls, the scrolls, perhaps coincidentally, appearing an initial cypher;

the reverse with a crested jaybird in flight; snapped pontil

6.25" High




Two Caughley Porcelain Egg Drainers (Strainers), 'Pleasure Boat', England, c1785-99 (SOLD)

Two First Period Worcester Escallop Shell Moulded Pickle Dishes,

'Two Peony, Rock and Bird' Pattern, England, c1756

In Stock - Linked



George III Engraved Masonic Tumbler

England, c1790

Engraved for James Clegg

above a Compass and Square centering a Sun in Splendor

4.25" High

In Stock - Linked



Fine George III Cut & Engraved Masonic Tumbler

England, c1810

Engraved with a Royal Arch below the All-Seeing Eye, Sun and Crescent & Stars

Raised on the Compass and Square,

Between Twin Pillars and above a Masonic Pavement

Engraved Verso BP between wheat shafts

3.75" High

In Stock - Linked



Oversize George III Cut & Engraved Glass Decanter

Bearing the Royal Cypher G3R (with Arabic 3) beneath the Royal Coronet

England, Early 19th Century

Of extremely heavy weight and large size, good grey tone

12" High / 4lbs. 8.4 oz.





Set of Three 19th Century "Penny Lick" Ice Cream Glasses

England, Last Half 19th Century
The original "ice cream cone",
now suitable for both small servings of ice cream as well as various strong liquors,
constructed of thick hand tooled lead glass with annulated knops

3-3/4" High / The Rim, 2.25" Wide / The Foot 2.5" Wide


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Well Carved Oak Panel

Northern England or Northern Continental, c1620-40

Centering a sun in splendor sided by two coiled sea serpents with acanthus bodies

All on a chip carved and punched ground

52" Long x 9" High





Early English Engraved Bronze Sundial

Late 17th / Early 18th Century

Inscribed with a verse, maker's name, and Barnet (England)

6" High x 10" Square




Good Queen Anne Walnut & Burr Walnut Bureau

England, c1710

With highly figured timbers and magnificent color;
the fall front with a bookrest

43" High x 37.75" Wide x 22" Deep



Queen Anne / George I Upholstered Walnut Wing Chair

England, c1715

Of elegant proportions with outscrolling arm rests, above a bowed seat with loose cushion,

raised on four cabriole legs terminating in pad feet,

the front legs having bellflower- and tassel-carved knees

(Just reupholstered in a fine yellow English linen damask)



Good George I Elmwood Upholstered 'Writing' Armchair
England, c1720
A rare form,
with carthouche shaped splat sided by sinuously shaped arms & handgrips,
oval seat and cabriole front legs,

the rear widly splayed legs with strong back rake
36.5" High x 26" Wide




Fine George I / II Gesso and Giltwood Mirror
England, c1720-40
Original plate and gilt, girandole arms being replaced
46" High x 24" Wide




Fine Early George III Mahogany Adjustable Tripod Reading Table

England, c1765
Very fine quality :

The frieze with stylized bell-flower and lozenge fretwork

and raised on carved and pierced tripod legs

Revolving candlestands; frieze drawer
31.5" High x 25" Wide x 18.5" Deep (Closed) / 45.5" High (Extended)
The Tripod : 27.5" Spread



Good George III Inlaid Mahogany Straight Tube (Stick) Barometer

London, 1770

The signed silvered register with vernier sliding scale behind hinged glazed door,
the mercury thermometer also behind a further hinged glazed trunk door
43.5" High




Early George III Scottish Carved Mahogany Open Armchair
Edinburgh (likely), Scotland, c1765
Concave crestrail carved with tight paperscroll suspending a draped fringed cloth & three tassels,
above a pierced splat centering an interlaced knot within a band of stylized & pierced flowerheads,

in the manner of Alexander Peter
38" high x 17.5" Wide x 25" Deep / Seat Height, 18" at crest

In Stock - Linked




Fine George III Mahogany Large Kneehole Desk

England, c1770-80

Of fine heavy timbers with beautiful color and figuration,

with original surfaces and retaining all working keys

30.5" High x 37.5" Wide s 23" Deep

SOLD (Before It Could Be Photographed)



Fine George III Mahogany 2-Pedestal Writing Table

England, c1790

Of fine timbers with original surfaces and stylish rectangular brasses.

constructed entirely in one piece

30.5" High c 45" Wide x 29.5" Deep

In Stock - Linked



Delightful Victorian Carved Mahogany and Brass Door Porter

19th Century

A quite large and substantial door porter -

as needed to hold open the heavy doors of important manor homes -

formed as a coiled mythical "chimera", with monogrammed shield RC on the breast

surmounted by a brass wrythen turned standard and hinged scrolling ring handle

26.25" High



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18th Century Petit Point Needlework Panel

England, c1750

Finely executed in wool on canvas mounted on panel

Panel Size : 26.25" High x 21.75" Wide




Diminutive 19th Century Japanese 6-Fold Screen

Of table top size, painted in ink and color on gilt paper,
depicting a pair of blue shishi dogs siding colorful peonies
18.75" High x 36" Wide




Norwood Creech

Arkansas / Tennessee / Contemporary

Looking Down The 'Dump'

Sunken Lands, Arkansas Flood Plains

Single Print Digital Photograph in Black and Cream

Image Size : 13-3/16" Wide x 19-7/8" High




Norwood Creech
Arkansas / Tennessee / Contemporary
"In the Shade,

Adamson Road, Poinsett County, Arkansas"
Oil & Charcoal on Linen / 20" x 30" Image Size

In Stock - Linked



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Also See : "Fine Art - Beyond Fashion"






Fine 17th Century Silver-Mounted Lignum Vitae Carved Goblet

Complex engine turning throughout, and with spiral stem

The silver rim mounted, Sheffield, 1911, EWO & Co.

4.25" Wide High x 3-78" Wide





Late 17th Century Silver Counter Box
Mark FS, attr. Francis Servant I or II (Kent, West Country Spoons)
West Country (Bideford / Barnstable) from c1685
The lift-off cover engraved with a six-petaled rose,
the base engraved with initials AV
1.5" High




Rare Set of Eight Silver Cannon-Handled Dinner Knives

England, Charles II / William & Mary, 1680-1695
Crested : out of a mural coronet, a demi-lion rampant holding a fluer-de-lys (Sandwith)
Marks rubbed; the scimitar blades by George Bowdenm, Sheffield, c1820-30

10" long / 38.8 oz.


Rare Set of Eight Cannon-Handled Cheese Knives

England, Late 17th Century
Remains of marks and crests; with 19th century marked blades

8.25" Long / 14.9 oz.




Charles II / James II Silver Lace Back & Front Trefid Spoon

Thomas Allen, London, c1688

The terminal with foilate scrolls to the front,

the verso scratch engraved 1688 over *M*S*;

The bowl with rattail attachment and foliate scrolling verso

8" Long / 2.75" Long, the Bowl / 2.4 oz.




Rare Late 17th Century Brass Travelling Spoon & A Case

England, c1690
The bowl with rattail attachment, hinged shaft and trefid terminal
7.5" Long (The Spoon)




Rare Early 18th Century Silver-Mounted Pressed Tortoiseshell Snuff Box

in the manner of John Obrisset*

The Plaque c1710, England (likely) / The Silver England

The hexagonal moulded plaque after Le Brun's painting"The Tent of Darius" (1661),

*(an oval horn example in resides in the Fitzwilliam, signed verso 'OB');

set by John Reily, London, 1823, as a silver snuff box cover,
the box with foliate thumb lift and marked to the cover and base

1.25" High x 3.25" Long / 4/8 oz.




A Collection of Queen Anne / George I Britannia Standard Marrow Scoops

All London, 1702 - 1725, most crested

Including Family of Spencer, Earls of Sunderland, Althorp

and Family of Clinton, Warwickshire, and Newcastle-under-Lyne

Priced Individually



Rare West Country Queen Anne Britannia Standard Canon Handle Hash Spoon

John Elston, Exeter, 1709

(pictured with a James I 1616 7" Apostle spoon)

A rare provincial canon (cannon) handle spoon of large size and heavy gauge Britannia silver

fully marked to the center and engraved verso HS over HD

17-1/8" (43.5 cm) Long / The Bowl, 4" x 3-1/2" x 1" Deep

Weight : 7.1 oz. /  4 fluid oz. Volume




Queen Anne Britannia Silver "Kitchen"Caster
Charles Adam, London 1713
Marked on base and cover
3.5" High




Early 18th Century 'Britannia Standard Silver', Tortoiseshell,

& Mother of Pearl Tobacco Box

Thomas Roberts, London, c1705-1730
A very fine box, oval with stand-away hinge, the cover and base of tortoiseshell
A similar box is in the Fitzwilliam, Catalogue Number : H. 24, p. 136.
A further marked Roberts box resides in the Fitzwilliam, Number : M.90-1961
3.25" Wide




George I Silver Marrow Scoop

London, 1725-6

Maker's Mark (?)S

8.25" Long / 1.5 oz

In Stock - Linked



George II Silver Toilet Box & Cover

Charles Kandler, London, 1727

Jacobite Interest

The domed cover applied with scroll-leaf capitals surrounding a baroque cartouche
engraved coat of arms of Edward Howard, 9th Duke of Norfolk, 1686-1777,
and his wife Mary, daughter and co-heiress of Edward Blount.

Edward Howard, a lifelong Jacobite, was arrested for high treason
in the wake of the uprising in 1715,

3.25" Diameter / 6.2 oz




Fine Early George II Silver Square Salver

John Tuite, London 1729

Heavy gauge silver, the plain field centering Arms for the Family of Chaundler
(American Interest for family of Chandler)

7.5" Diameter /. 11.75" oz.





George II Irish Silver Marrow Scoop

Dublin, 1731-45

Maker's Mark Rubbed,

Probably Henry Jago, reg. Dublin 1740

the shaft engraved C*S

8.5" Long / 2 oz.




Good Early George II Silver Cream Jug
John White, London, 1730

Heavy gauge balulster on cast scrolled faceted legs illuing from trefoil headings
verso with initial 3.25" High, 3-3/8' Over Handle / 4.2 oz.



Large George II Silver Hanoverian Soup Ladle

Elias Cachart, London, 1748

Of quite heavy gauge silver with long slender shaft,

the terminal with a period conjoined cypher monogram ML or MX

14.5" Long, The Bowl, 4" Wide / 9 oz.




George II Silver Sauceboat

William Shaw & William Preist, London, 1757

Crested : a stag's head couped at the neck, attired, the tongue hanging out

Of heavy gauge on wonderful wide spread shell feet

8" Long / 10.4 oz.






Fine Set of Six Early George III Hanoverian Tablespoons

William Cripps, London, 1762 
Crested for the family of Buckle : out of a ducal coronet or a demi-lion argent






Pair George III Master Open Salts

David & Robert Hennell, London 1770

Of quite heavy gauge silver, the oval bowls with gadrooned rims

The sides engraved in contemporary conjoined script JAPL

1.75" High x 3.5" Long / 6.3 oz.




George III Cast Silver Taperstick
Ebenezer Coker, London 1771

An exceptionally lovely example with baluster stem and stepped shaped base

6.25" High / 7.5oz.




Good Pair George III Silver Hanoverian Shell-Bowl Sauce Ladles

Thomas Chawner, London, 1774-5

Crested : a cubit arm erect in armour, the hand grasping a dagger
Of heavy gauge silver with facet drop heels
7"' long / 4.5 oz




Rare & Fine Old Shefffield Plate Butter Tub & Cover

Tudor & Co., England, c1780

With star cut blue glass liner, the center medallion engraved in script CY,

as well as the cover interior, the cover interior and base also engraved Y over I*S;

Literature : Old Sheffield Plate : A History of the 18th Century Plated Trade,

Crosskey, op cit. p.382

6.5" High x 9.25" Over Handles, 4.5" Deep



George III Brass Tobacco Box & Pipe Carrier, c1790, Mr. Bumble


George III Brass Tobacco Box & Pipe Carrier
England, c1790
Engraved with the figure of a "Beadle" and the name N HUNT and DOVER
the interior with three compartments for a pipe, tobacco, and a rasp with grater
n almost identical box is pictured in The Brass Book, Schiffer, p.100
5.25" Long




George III Silver Armorial Tobacco Box

Benjamin Beardsmore, Kettinsall, 1795

The slightly domed and hinged cover engraved with

the arms and motto of the family of Molyneux :

'Stat fortuna domus virtute'

3" Wide x 1" High / 3.5 oz.




Coquilla Nut & Lignum Vitae Table Nutmeg Grater
England, Late 18th / Early 19th Century
Separating into three sections, the top with a steel grater
and nutmeg storage, over a turned pedestal assembly
and a basket form base for further nut storage
6" High




Good Pair George III Silver Beakers
Peter and Ann Bateman, London, 1799
Of heavy gauge silver, each tapering body having four bands of horizontal reeding
4" High / 3" Diameter / 13.7 oz




Carved Figural Boxwood Screw-Form Nutcracker

First Half 19th Century, Continental

Modeled as a standing violoinst, his curled wig with cap,

raised on a pedestal base

6.5" High




Rare George III Carved Lignum Vitae Silver-Mounted Tankard
Henry Nutting, London, 1805
Carved with a band of vertical rectangles over a plain band,

above a band of horizontal rectangles representing basket-weaving,
the ring-turned cover with carved thumb lift,
body rim, handle and handle thumb lift all silver mounted,
raised on three silver paw feet
7.5" High




Scarce George III Silver Dish Wedge

Peter & William Bateman, London, 1808

Bearing the crest fo the family of Hodgson, Northumberland
6.5" Long x 2.25" High / 5.1 oz






George III Scottish Provincial Engraved Silver Quaich

Charles Jamieson, Inverness, c1810

Having twin shaped lugs with upper surfaces engraved AMG and PML (untraced),
raised on a plain collet marked footrim

5-5/8" Wide, Over Handles / 2-7/8" Diameter, The Bowl / 3.2 oz.

Ref : Lyon & Turnbull, Edinburgh, 13 August 2014

"Inverness - a scarce Scottish provincial quaich, Charles Jamieson",
of identical form with engraved initials




George III Silver-Mounted Coconut Cup

Josiah Snatt, London 1813

The coconut cup with scalloped silver rim crested with a lion rampant,

above a scalloped and fluted base mount descending to a pedestal foot;

the rim and foot marked

5-7/8" High / 4' Wide (Bowl) / 3.5" Wide (Base) / 7.2 oz. overall




Fine Pair George IV King's Hourglass Asparagus / Chop Tongs

William Eaton, London, 1825

Of very heavy gauge and retaining full detail to the castings

10.3" Long / 9.1 oz / Fully Marked




Good George IV Silver Bottle Neck-Ring and Silver-Mounted Stopper

Samuel Jackson, London, 1829

The the deep neck ring chased with an encircling vine and grape clusters,
the leaves and stem finely stippled leaves centering a cartouche

engraved CHAMPAIGN (an old spelling for champagne)

attached by a belcher chair to a corresponding silver-mounted stopper.

Neck ring : 4.25" Wide / 2.75" (will also fit magnum and jeraboam)




Early Victorian Silver Melon-Form Nutmeg Grater

John Taylor & John Perry, Birmingham, 1844

The interior fitted with a blue steel grater;

Engraved to the cover :

E.L. Porter. From G.W.H and Aug't 27th 1835

1.5" Long /. .9 oz




Victorian Cast Silver-Mounted Heraldic Bottle Stopper

William Hunter, London, 1868

Modeled as the crest for the families of Boucher / Bourcher / Bourchier,

Earls of Ewe and Essex, and the Barons Bourchier

Note : Cast heraldic (armorial) bottle stoppers are the rarest form available)

3.75" High / 2.1 oz. total




17th Century Style Silver Traveling Folding Fork
Corelius Rietveld, Schoonhoven, 1888
19th Century Dutch Duty Marks
The finial cast as an armless female figure above the face of a bearded man,
the beard becoming the square tapering horizontally-ribbed shaft with folding fork
attaching to a fig-shaped engraved bowl
5" long / 1.5 oz.




Antique Spectacles

19th Century Pair Straight Temple Heavily Tinted Steel Spectacles (SOLD)

Rare Pair Late George III Tortoiseshell & Silver-Mounted Sunglasses with Folding Side Shades (SOLD)

Pair Steel & Glass Shooting Spectacles (SOLD)





Pair Scottish Victorian Silver Bottle Stoppers

J. Mackay, Edinburgh, c1880

a pair of beavers on threaded shafts ending in silver discs

2-3/8" High / 3.9 oz.




Fine Victorial Cast Silver Heraldic Bottle Stopper

James Barclay Hennell, London, 1881

The body the crest for Murray, Dukes of Atholl and Earls of Dunmore

Scotland, whose seat is Blair Castle

Note : Cast heraldic (armorial) bottle stoppers are the rarest form available)

3.5" High / 2.9 oz. Total




Victorian Silver-Mounted Hardstone Desk Seal

S. Mordan & Co., London 1898

The handle as an arched crane's head with glass eyes,

silver mounted in the art nouveau style

4-5/16" High / 2.5 total oz.




George V Silver Folding Table Spatter Screen

C.J. Vander Ltd., London, 1933

Bearing the arms for the family of Holloway





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