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David Wilson was one of this country's leading connoisseurs in 17th and 18th century British furniture.

 He served as a consultant, appraiser and restorer for Sotheby's and Christies, as well as leading dealers and collectors in New York, London, and throughout the United States.  Mr. Wilson was also instrumental in vetting many major collections for authenticity.  After a long and valiant battle with cancer, Mr. Wilson died in February 2011.  M. Ford Creech Antiques, whose furniture acquisitions Mr. Wilson has directed since January 2009, is offering for sale part of his furniture collection, each piece being chosen for a very unique and captivating quality - and each "exactly right".

"When David went into his workshop, he was not just working on 18th century furniture,

he actually became an 18th century man." -- Chris Jussel

   David Wilson never chose to impress - more to delight his own impeccable eye, his sense of grace, history - and humor.  David is pictured above in his workshop.  Pictured beside him is a c1750 George II mahogany tripod table, with a warp to the top - placed prominently in his living room.  When I first saw this table, I asked David why he would place such a table in his living room. He replied quite brusquely, "Go look at the top".  I did, and then the magic began.  The top is from a crotch cut in the tree trunk, where two branches emerge.  Traditionally, this type of wood is reserved for rich "flamed" veneers. But here is a solid single board top, its figuration and shaping exactly what it should be for 260 years - having become a work of sculpture, with twists and turns within the wood itself that only time could produce.  In addition, the finish remains untouched, with all its history of usage clearly evident.  The ordinary collector may not understand or desire this table; however the connoisseur of 18th century furniture will indeed.  The singularity of this piece is typical of his collection.

I had intended to photograph all on a timely basis, sending a letter out immediately.  However the intent is a bit ambitious, and some pieces are selling before I can even get them photographed.  I am instead sending this email, listing the Wilson furniture now in stock. The catalog is accessible from the link below. 

Prices are available upon request.



Currently Pictured Online :


Charles II Carved Oak Long Stool, Mid-17th Century (sold)

Charles II - William & Mary Walnut Candlestand, England, c1670-1690 (sold)

Rare Queen Anne / George I Walnut Corner Chair, c1710-15 (sold)

Queen Anne / George I Walnut Veneered Side Chair, c1710-15 (sold))

George I Walnut & Parcel Gilt Girandole Mirror, England, c1720 (sold)

George II Walnut Gateleg Table, England, c1740 (sold)

George II Unusually Carved Fruitwood Open Arm Chair, England, c1740  (sold)

George II Carved Mahogany Stool, England, c1745 (sold)

George II Mahogany & Parcel Gilt Bureau Cabinet, England, c1740 (now online)

George II Highly Figured Mahogany Tripod Tea Table, England, c1750 (sold)

George II Carved Mahogany Gainsborough (Library) Armchair, England, c1750 (sold)

Pair of George II / III Mahogany & Brass Telescopic Candlesticks, England, c1755-65 (sold)

Highly Figured George II/III Mahogany 2-Drawer Side Table, c1760 (sold)

Rare Early George III Mahogany Tape-Making Table England, c1760,

in the manner of Thomas Chippendale (sold)

George II / III Brass-Bound Mahogany Cellaret, Possibly by Gillows, England, c1760 (sold)

Pair of George III Mahogany & Brass Candlesticks, England, c1765 (sold)

Early George III Mahogany Adjustable Tripod Reading Table, c1765 (sold)

Early George III Mahogany Longcase Clock, Thompson, London, c1765, brass face (sold)

Fine George III Irish Mahogany Marquetry & Carved Chest of Drawers, Ireland, c1765-75 (sold)

Early George III Mahogany Traveling Writing Box, England, c1765 (sold)

Rare Pair of George III Satinwood Fitted Bow Fronted Collector's Cabinets, England, c1790-1800  (sold)

Rare Late Georgian Lignum Vitae Globular Potpourri on Turned Stand (sold)

Assortment of 18th & 19th Century Lignum Vitae Mortar and Pestles  (some still available)

Brunswick Stobwasser-Type Tobacco Boxes (sold)

Antique Wool and Silk Needlework Pillows  (silk needlework available)


Sold before they could be photographed:

George III Carved Mahogany Open Arm Chair and Stool, England, c1765 (sold)

Set of 6 Early George III Mahogany Side Chairs, England, c1760 (sold)

Early George III Mahogany Bedside Cupboard, England, c1765 (sold)


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