Yuan Dynasty, 1279-1368 A.D.






Of Leys form with a bulbous body below a wide flaring neck, raised on a splayed foot,

with pale blue-gray Jun-type glaze.


Condition : Excellent; glaze slightly matted from burial


 Jun ware is a type of celadon .The use of straw ash in the glaze bestowed its unique blue glaze

suffused with white. Glaze colors varied, depending upon the temperature of the kiln. The most

prized have crimson or purple splashes.


The ware was created in the province of Henan at the Jun kilns during the Northern Song Dynasty

(960-1126), to the Jin Dynasty (1115-1234), and Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368).


The Leys, or Shadou, form (with a bulbous body below a wide flaring neck) was said to have

originated from a grain measure. In fact this elegant form was often used as a spittoon.


6.75" high






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