England, c1775






A very rare creamware-influenced reticulated and molded quatrefoil centerpiece on pedestal foot, the body and foot

geometrically pierced in the Leeds manner (rarely seen on English porcelain) printed in underglaze blue and white

with the French-influenced Gillyflower pattern of a central carnation spray among scattered floral sprays and insects,

within a feuille-de-choux type rim and footrim; underglaze blue crescent mark verso


Note: Ref: Worcester Porcelain, The Zorensky Collection, p 477, Pl 649;

probably originally a centerpiece for serving fruit from a dessert service; "quite rare"


Condition: Overall, excellent; three rim nicks - 1 properly filled and glazed; one appears to have recently lost is fill;

minor external original vertical firing flaws at the bowl/foot juncture (see detail page linked below)


3.5" High x 11.5” Wide x 9.75" Deep


Dessert Centerpieces:


As early as the 17th century, the dessert course became the most important course of an English dinner.  The host often

went to great extremes to impress his guests.  Commissioned figures sculpted from sugar were succeeded by figures of porcelain -

leading the way to the elaborate porcelain dessert services of the 1760's and forward.  These services included plates of varying

shapes, and two covered tureens for cream and sugar -- but only one centerpiece, usually oval and on a pedestal foot,

sometimes imitating creamware. The most elaborate services date from about 1775.




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Very rare creamware-influenced reticulated and molded quatrefoil centerpiece on a pedestal foot,

the body and foot geometrically pierced in the Leeds manner, glazed white with gilt edges.






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Rare First Period Worcester Reticulated Footed Centerpiece, England, c1775, in the Gillyflower, pierced in the Leeds manner