Charles Adam, London, 1712




     Front                                                                                       Side 1



Verso                                                                                   Side 2


Of heavy gauge Britannia silver, the early girdled baluster caster with a bayonet mount, the lid pierced in two planes of

differing designs (a feature not commonly found at any other period) and with knop finial, raised on a circular foot; the foot

verso bearing marks AD, Lion’s Head Erased, and Britannia and mark for 1712-13, and with scratched initials F over S*M;

the lid with a Lion's Head Erased.  There is a second apparent mark of AD on the upper section of the lid, but barely visible

Condition: Excellent, crisp legible marks to the body (Grimwade #25); one mark to lid mark crisp but pierced through;

a second is poorly stuck, with a barely visible A visible only


6.3 oz. /  6.75” High









Underfoot marks and inscription                                                                         Lid mark pierced through


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Queen Anne Britannia Silver Caster, Charles Adam, London, 1712,  scratched initials F over S*M