Thomas Phipps, James Phipps II, & Edward Robinson II, London, 1812

Royal Coronet & Cypher AF - most likely Prince Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex*











Of heavy gauge, the mounted curved blue steel body sided by gadrooned uprights 

and a shell and foliate handle, silver ends, the lower end hinged an monogrammed

with a coronet (PL. 127, #3, Fairbairn's)* above conjoined script initials "AF" -

most likely for Prince Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex*;

fully marked on body and lid; lid with gilt interior


*Coronet:  PL .127, # 3 , Fairbairn's Crests of The Families of Great Britain & Ireland:

"Coronet for the Sons and Brothers of Royal Blood"


*Coronet & Cypher Over AF, Most Likely for of Prince Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex


George III had two sons with the initials 'AF' - His Royal Highness Prince Augustus Frederick (1773-1842)

and His Royal Highness Prince Adolphus Frederick (1774-1850).  However, due to the differences in life style,

the 'AF' on this grater is much more likely that of Augustus Frederick, the Duke of Sussex.   


Prince Augustus Frederick was the ninth child and sixth son of George III and Queen

Charlotte. As he suffered from asthma, he did not join his brothers in receiving military training in Hanover,

and briefly considered becoming a cleric in the Church of England.  He was married twice, but neither was

recognized by the crown.  He was made Duke of Sussex, Earl of Inverness, and Baron Arklow, and a

Knight of the Garter on  November 27,1801. Since he died without legitimate issue, the title became extinct. 


William IV appointed his younger brother Chief Ranger and Keeper of St. James's and Hyde Parks in 1831.

The Duke of Sussex was elected president of the Society of Arts in 1816, holding that post for the rest of his life.

He also held the honorary posts of Captain-General and Colonel of the Hon. Artillery Company from 1817

onward. He was president of the Royal Society from 1830 to1838.


The Duke of Sussex was the favorite uncle of Queen Victoria, giving her away at her wedding to Prince Albert.

The Duke of Sussex died at Kensington Palace in 1843.  His second wife, The Duchess of Inverness,

continued to reside at Kensington Palace until her death in 1873. 


Mark : Grimwade # 2892


Condition: Excellent


4-5/8” High / 3.8 Oz.







Price Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex

Portrait, by Louis Gauffier, 1793





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George III Silver Kitchen Nutmeg Grater, Phipps & Robinson II, London, 1812, Royal Coronet & Cypher AF, Prince Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex