Chamberstick & Snuffer, Richard Cooke

Trimmer, Wilkes Booth All London, 1809

Each Crested en Suite


George III Silver Chamberstick, Snuffer & Trimmer, London, 1809, Crested en Suite, Saracens's Head


Of heavy gauge silver,

the round gadrooned drip pan surmounted by an openwork stem

and fluted and urn form gadrooned nozzle,

having a side handle and snuffer with gadrooned rim;

the wick trimmers fitting and

of the same date and crest :

"a Saracen's head affront couped at the shoulders"*



Note : It is somewhat rare to find matching snuffers and stands,

as they were made by different specialists.

As the chamberstick and trimmers have corresponding gadrooning, dates and crests,

it appears highly likely that these were indeed ordered together in 1809.


Wilkes Booth, Grimwade #3027, registered 1787,

was a known snuffer and asparagus tong maker,

responsible for a great many of the snuffers and trimmers during the late 18th and early 19th centuries -

during the latter period, working with his son John.


Condition : Excellent with expected minor superfical scratches and small dings;

the snuffer handle with either a sloppy attachment or reattachment in silver


4.25" High x 6.25" Wide (over handle) / 15 oz.






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*The crest (Fairbairn's Pl. 190, 5 & 13) :
'a Saracen's head affront couped at the shoulders'
is one which many families bear and difficult to identify with any certainty as to the precise owner.
The families include the following :

Alkene, Askue, Ayskew, Barnsley, Blondell, Bouche, Briscoe, Briscoe, Buller, Burwell, Byfleet,
Carver, Chandos, Charlewood, Charlwood, Cobham, Creswell, Edington, Flamank,
Holcombe, Howndhile, Howndhill, Hubbard, Irby, Irton, Lambsey, Lameseym Lecton,
Mainot, Manley, Marshall, Menzies
**, Middleton, Morgan, Mure, Powell,
Ricard, Rochead, Roughead, Rudger,Slaway, Stapylron, Strelley,
Ward, Warner, Weston, Whitte-wronge, Wilder, Wilimams, Wittewrong, Winnington, Wynne

(13 : Boking, De la Pole, de Moleyns, Rouse)

A Story Related to This Crest :

** Menzies is among those who bore the 'head of the Saracen',
and casts light on the relevance of the head.
Menzies is an ancient Scottish name, probably originating in Normandy.
As early as 1249, Sir Robert de Menzies became Chamberlain to King Alexander II.
Sir Robert's son, Sir Alexander Menzies,
was a supporter during the War of Independence of Robert the Bruce,
who declared himself King of Scotland in 1306,
after murdering Guardian of Scotland John Comyn.
As atonement for the murder, Bruce requested that upon his death,
his heart be taken to the Holy Land on pilgrimage.
A group of Scottish Crusaders, led by James Douglas (Black Douglas)
veered en route through Spain,
to assist the Spanish against the Saracens (who had occupied the Holy Land since 1292).
A Menzies was a member of that group.
Douglas carried Bruce's heart is a black iron casket about his neck.
At the Battle of Teba de Ardales, they found themselves surrounded by Saracens,
at which time Douglas cast the casket into the midst of the Saracens,
calling the knights to charge with the cry : "Vil God I Zal" (With Gods will, I shall).
The knights fought off the Saracens and recovered Bruce's heart,
which was eventually taken to Melrose Abbey.
The cry became the Menzies motto,
the defeated Saracen from whom the heart was taken, the crest.


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George III Silver Chamberstick, Snuffer & Scisson Wick Trimmer, All London, 1809, Crested en Suite 


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