American, New York, (1874 - 1929)





Oil on Panel

 Provenance: The estate of the artist

Bearing estate two stamps verso

Panel bearing the stamp "Lucien Lefebvre-Foinet 18 Rue Vavia & 2.Rue Bres-Paris"*

 Museums: Whistler House Museum of Art; Everson Museum Of Art; Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts;

Philadelphia Sketch Club; Art Club Philadelphia; Luxembourg Museum, Paris


Books 17: including Light, Air, and Color: American Impressionist Paintings from Pennsylvania

Academy of Fine Art, Danly; Art What Thou Eat, Images of Food in American Art, Gustafson;

The History and Ideals of American Art, Neuhaus


Image size : 7.5” High x 9.5” Wide



We are very fortunate to have just purchased three works by Philadelphia and New York painter Elisha Kent

Kane Wetherill.  Wetherill studied with Thomas Anshutz at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art in the late

1890s and from1906-09, with J.P. Laurens at the Académie Julian in Paris, 1902, and with James Abbot

McNeill Whistler, also in Paris. He specialized in views of New York, including figural work as well as landscapes

and seascapes.  He was a member of the National Academy of Design, Salmagundi Club, Allied Artists of America,

Brooklyn Society of Etchers, and the Philadelphia Sketch Club. In 1915 Wetherill received a gold medal at the

Panama-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco and, in 1926, won a silver medal at the Sesqui-Centennial Exposition in

Philadelphia. He also exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago, and at the National Academy of Design in 1925.


"Country Road" is the second selection by Elisha Kent Kane Wetherill.  The vibrant colors form a somewhat abstract post-

impressionist pattern, making the subject matter secondary to the paint  and its almost sponge-like application - a characteristic

of much of his work.  Wetherill achieves a jewel-like shimmer to the surface through the vibration of warm and cool hues of

a similar hue and value - most in the tertiary range (oranges, violets, and greens). His composition again - though appearing

spontaneous - is quite carefully executed.  The curving lines of the road and tree-tops are precisely balanced by the

simply suggested outlines of the buildings - both in the triangles of the roofs, and the horizontal and vertical lines. 

These are elements that set very fine art apart from the random good painting.


*Lucien Lefebvre-Foinet was a well-known art supply dealer in Montparnasse.  The firm was responsible for art

conservation and supplied canvases and pigment to many of the modern masters.  It has been said that Monsieur

Lefebvre-Foinet was responsible for the spread of modern art as he was influential enough to accomplish the export

of hundreds of canvases from American galleries to post-war Europe.  He also had a fine collection of art.




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Elisha Kent Kane WETHERILL (1874-1929)


Birth place: Philadelphia, PA

Death place: Aberdeen, SC

Addresses: Philadelphia PA; NYC/Phoenicia, NY

Profession: Painter in oil and watercolor, etcher


Studied: University of Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art with Anshutz, late 1890s and 1906-09;

Académie Julian, Paris with J.P. Laurens, 1902; also with Whistler in Paris.


Exhibited: Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art Annual, 1906-10, 1921-27; Corcoran Gallery biennials,

1907-26 (6 times); Pan-Pacific Expo, San Francisco, 1915; Sesqui-Centenniel Expo, Philadelphia, 1926 (medal);

Salons of America; Art Institute of Chicago.


Member: Associate National Academy, 1927; Sketch Club; Salmagundi Club; 

Allied Artists of America; Brooklyn Society of Etchers


Work: Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art; Art Club Philadelphia; Luxembourg Museum, Paris


Comments: Specialized in seascapes, views of New York, and figural works. His death was the result of injuries

received in World War I.


Sources: WW27; Danly, Light, Air, and Color, 89; Falk, Exhibition Record Series.


This biography is drawn from the 'Who Was Who in American Art', the reference book on the cultural life in the United States.




Whistler House Museum of Art

Everson Museum Of Art

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Philadelphia Sketch Club 

Art Club Philadelphia 

Luxembourg Museum, Paris



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Elisha Kent Kane Wetherill, Country Road, Oil on Panel