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Children, Go Where I Send Thee, How Shall I Send Thee; Southern Traditional Song, also known as Holy Baby, and Born in Bethlemen




ONE by ONE :

  Charles II Miniature ("Toy") Silver Porringer, London 1671, M N a crescent below within a heart


for the little biddy baby,

wrapped in swaddling clothing, laying in a manger

 He was Born, Born, Born in Bethlehem

One "petite porringer" for the new mother nursing...



I'm gonna send you TWO by TWO....TWO for Paul & Silas

Two "tots cups" for the drink or collecting...

(Queen Anne, 1707 / William III, 1695 )


George II Silver Salver, John Robinson II, London, 1746, arms of Thomas Harvey, Mayor of Norwich, Norfolk, England, 1748; 12' / 27 oz. George III Silver Salver, Richard Rugg, London 1766, crested with hedgehog and initials 'WP' (Prestwick, Penny, Philpot, Prissick); 10.5 oz; 18oz. George III Silver Stand, Makepeace & Carter, London, 1776, Crested for Thomas William Coke, 1st Earl of Leiscester

I'm gonna send you THREE by THREE...THREE for the Hebrew children

Three "shiny salvers" for the table-side serving...

( crested for : Philpot or Penny / Mayor of Norwich in 1748 / Thomas Coke, 1st Earl of Leicester )


I'm gonna send you FOUR by FOUR...FOUR for the FOUR that stood at the Door

 Four "tapered tines" for the fireside toast-roasting...


Good George III Silver Scissor-Form Wax-Jack & Snuffers, S. C. Young & Co., Sheffield, 1815, crested with a greyhound's head, couped & collared; heavy gauge silver Pair Silver Neoclassical Tapersticks, c1770, Sheffield or Continental, 7.5' High Pair Silver Neoclassical Tapersticks, c1770, Sheffield or Continental, 7.5' High Fine & Rare Pair South Staffordshire Enamel on Copper Tapersticks, unusually well painted, 6.5' High Fine & Rare Pair South Staffordshire Enamel on Copper Tapersticks, unusually well painted, 6.5' High

I'm gonna send you FIVE by FIVE...FIVE for the FIVE what stated the jive

Five "flames" for the love letter sealing...

( Silver Tapersticks / Enamel Tapersticks / Wax Jack )


I'm gonna send you SIX by SIX....SIX for the SIX that never got fixed

Six "Scottish spoons" for the Christmas Day pudding...


Good First Period Worcester White Cos Lettuce Sauce Boat, England, c1755-57 Good Liverpool Molded Sauceboat, Possibly James Pennington, c1765 George II Large Silver Sauceboat, William Shaw & William Preist, London, 1757, crested with a stag's head couped, attired, the tongue hanging out Bow Porcelain Large Footed Sauceboat, England, c1754-5 First Period Worcester Hexangonal White-Glazed Creamboat, England, c1760-62; provenance: with Albert Amor First Period Worcester Dolphin Ewer Creamboat, England, c1775 George II Silver Creamboat, William Sudell, London, 1767, the body engraved with contemporary script initial 'L'

I'm gonna send you seven by SEVEN....SEVEN for the SEVEN that never got to Heaven

Seven "saucy boats", all for the pouring...(click individual images for more / for a larger image click here)


I'm gonna send you EIGHT by EIGHT....EIGHT for the EIGHT that stood at the Gate

 Eight "agate knives" for a "Regal" cutting...


George II Plain Stem Drawn Trumpet Bowl Wine Glass with Folded Foot, England, c1750, 7-3/8 High, several available George II Jacobite Interest Airtwist Wine, with Stuart Rose, 2 buds, an oak leaf, and a sun, c1745-50 George III Double Series Opaque Twist Wine, engraved at the rim 'The Young Rocks of Howth'; Irish interest George II Engraved Light Baluster Wine Glass, England, 1740-50, collector's label vero George III Engraved Masonic Firing Glass, England or Ireland, c1800 George III Engraved Opaque Twist Ale, c1780, with corkscrew sprial twist stem, engraved with barley and hops George II Engraved Airtwist Ale Glass, England, c1750, engraved with barley and tendrils Georgian Deceptive Toastmaster's Glass, England, c1820, with applied loop handle George II Engraved Baluster Wine with elongated tear to stem, c1730

  I'm gonna send you NINE by NINE....NINE for the NINE all dressed so fine

Nine "glasses so fine"... you'll buy better wine...

(click individual images for more / for a larger group image click here)


 I'm gonna send you TEN by TEN... TEN for the TEN Commandments

 Ten "tufts of hair" on the silly "bugbear"... 


I'm gonna send you 'LEVEN by 'LEVEN... 'LEVEN for the ELEVEN deriders

'leven "lovely forks" for the festive feeding...


Pair George III Pierced Silver Bottle Tickets, Whittingham, London, 1790, BRANDY, CLARET Early 19th Century British Silver Neck-Ring Wine Lables, the pair, Robert Garrard, London, 1807, SHERRY, PORT; large collar, Burrows & Pearce, 1833, SHERRY Associated Pair George III Irish Silver Bottle Tickets, John Egar, Dublin, 1812, with additional retailer's mark 'LAW' : GIN, CLARET Good Pair George III Irish Silver Bottle Tickets, John Stoyte, Dublin, 1788, marked I.S thrice : PORT, SHERRY Gooe George III Irish Silver Bottle Ticket, Benjamin Tait, Dublin, c1790, or banner form, SHERRY Good Pair George III Silver Bottle Tickets, John Brockwell, London, 1811, engraved W.Wine and Port

 I'm gonna send you TWELVE by TWELVE...TWELVE for the TWELVE Apostles

Twelve "titling tickets" for your spirits' reading... 

(click individual images for more / for a larger group image click here) 






"Children, Go Where I Send Thee" is a traditional Spiritual Song,

also known as "The Holy Baby" and "Born in Bethlehem.  There are many versions -

this version by Odetta, 1930-2008, released on "Odetta : Christmas Spirituals", in 1963 (Vanguard).

Odetta, born Odetta Holmes in Birmingham, Alabama, had early aspirations of singing at the Met.

Instead she found herself a driving force of the folk movement of the mid-20th century. 

She was a major influence on Harry Belafonte, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Janis Joplin, Carly Simon

 and poet Maya Angelou.



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Christmas carols as we know them today did not enter general use until the 19th century. 

Although it is hard to imagine, for many years, Christmas was quiet. 

It was not until the 13th century that carols were sung in native languages -

but then more by minstrels and wassailers.

For a short history of carols (in verse), you can click here - or the first catalog below.



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