Thomas Issod, London, c1678

(T.Z above a pellet and below a crown)








The oval bowl with a molded rattail attachment surrounded by engraved scrolling foliage, which extends

up the flat shaft with an engraved and molded lace-top trefid terminal, further engraving at the bowl juncture


Note: TZ - Thomas Issod - TZ crowned, see London Silver Spoonmakers, 1500-1697, Tim Kent, p. 50, #61,

for a discussion of the mark. Lace-back spoons by Thomas Issod have sold for up to ?3750.  Lace-back

trefids are much rarer than plain trefids – the earliest of the modern form.  The earliest trefid recorded

is in 1662, becoming more common in the 1670’s, and were made only until c1700.


Condition: a quite handsome spoon with excellent definition to the engraving and chasing; tiny loss to

trefid lobes on one side; date letter and lion passant soft; pricked terminal initials obliterated or removed


1.4 oz.


7 1/2” Long






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Charles II Silver Lace-back Trefid Spoon, Thomas Issod, c1768, London