In the Japanese Arita Manner, England, c1755






The Kakiemon-style deep dish in the Arita manner, of heavy weight and having a molded rim and "corners", painted in the

Quail Pattern” with iron red, blue and green enamels and gilt with two quails, (sometimes referred to as partridges),

one red and one blue with a green patch on its wing, beneath a blooming prunus and with other floral shrubs to the side,

within a an iron red and gilt meandering leaf and floral border; verso marked with iron red 2



Originally called the “Partridge Pattern”, this decoration was derived also from a Japanese Kakiemon design, first produced at

 the Arita kilns toward the end of the 17th and beginning of the centuries.  Augustus the Strong of Saxony so prized these Japanese

Kakiemon wares that he instructed his factory at Meissen to copy the originals, the fashion soon migrating to England, where it

was produced by Worcester.  This bowl is unusual in that its form follows not the English form, but the original Japanese form. 


For a similar octagonal molded Bow, Chelsea and  deep dish,

see Bow Porcelain, Gabszewicz & Freeman, Pl. 57, p. 51. & Bow Porcelain, Adams & Redstone, Pl. 48, & p. 113.


The name “Kakiemon” was bestowed upon Japanese potter Sakaida (1596-1666), who presented the emperor with a

particularly arresting design of two persimmons.  This pleased the emperor so much that he gave Sakaida the name

“Kakeimon” – meaning “persimmon man”.  Kakiemon designs are usually very elegant and spare,

and of asymmetrical balance.


Condition : Excellent; 2 tiny and very minor frits to the base, more discernable by touch than eye;

one small area of glaze loss to molded rim at 5:30, visible in images


8.75” Diameter x 2” High






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Bow Porcelain Octagonal Molded Deep Dish in the Japanese Arita Manner, England, c1755