Late 17th Century, Probably English Provincial






The three pronged fork with a flat shaft ending with a small spoon, the bowl verso with an engraved,

debased leaf and initialled "KV";

the shaft struck thrice with six-petaled flower mark


Condition : Excellent


Note: The 17th century British clergy contended that God gave people fingers for eating, and declared

forks to be diabolical (forks sometimes then referred to as "pitchforks", having the same Latin root furca). 

Sucket "Forks" were the exception, introduced into England in the early 17th century and used for

eating staining fruits and wet puddings.


5.1" Long

.2 oz Troy




Any positive attribution of the mark would be appreciated. It is not illustrated in Kent's book,

"West Country Silver Spoons & Their Makers 1550-1750". 


Please Inquire


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Rare Continental Silver-Gilt Sweetmeat Fork, c1700

William & Mary Trefid Sweetmeat Fork, England, c1690




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